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Tourism - Tourism in Nepal


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Avec Zimba le Sherpa - Randonnees au Nepal
Author: Rotert Reiffel > Nepal

A yant effectue au cours des vingt-six dernieres annees non moins de 32 randonnees ont 26 au Nepal et les autres au Sikkim, Bouthan, Ladkh et Zansker, l’auteur presente une synthese d’un (Read More..)

District Development Profile of Nepal 2012: A Socio-Economic Development Database of Nepal
Author: Edt. Jaya Prasad Poudel > Nepal

This book provides Socio-economic data & information of Nepal (National & District) on following issues:

- National Introduction
- Geographic cum Climatic Condition
- Demographic Trend
- Climato (

The Ascent of Everest
Author: John Hunt > Mountaineering


Their achievement provided one answer to the many questions about high-altitude survival which had been asked from the beginning of the century. Their climb was the culmination (Read More..)

The Lure of Everest: Getting to the Bottom of Tourism on top of the World
Author: Clint Rogers > Tourism

The Lure of Everest

Everest. The word strikes a cord in the minds and hearts of people around the world, conjuring up images of a magnificent obelisk of rock and ice stretching so impossibly high i (Read More..)

TheGauri Shankar Trekking Area (including Rowaling): A Cultural Tour book
Author: Patricia East, Susan Hoivik, Max Petrik, Sara Shneiderman & Mark Turin > Trekking

What trekker doesn't dream of getting off the beaten track? Of escaping the congestion of the main 'tea-house' trekking routes and experiencing the real Nepal?

Untouched yet easily accessible, the (

Tourism And Economic Development In Nepal
Author: Manoj Kumar Agarwal > Tourism

This book has been prepared keeping in mind rapid changes taking place in the land-looked economy of nepal seated in the lap of Great Himalaya where tourism is expected to contribute in a big way.

(

Tourists & Tourism: Science And Industry Interface
Author: Ramesh Raj Kunwar > Tourism

About the Author:

Born at Sanglakhola,Kathmandu, Dr Ramesh Raj Kunwar is Nepal's Prominent anthropologist and tourism educationist. He was educated first at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, where h (Read More..)

View From The Summit
Author: Sir Edmund Hillary > Mountaineering

He Worked in a half light, huge and cheerful, his movement not so much graceful as unshakably assured, his energy almost demonic. He had a tremendous, bursting, elemental infectious, glorious vitality (Read More..)

Records 1 to   10 of   10
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BOOKS ON::Tourism::
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