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Religion - Nepali Religion, Culture, God and Goddesses


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A Buddhist Guide to the Power Places of the Kathmandu Valley
Author: Keith Dowman > Buddhism

Contents: Foreword. 1. Kimdol Vihara. 2. Swayambhu Stupa. 3. Santipur. 4. Manjusri Hill. 5. Vipaswi's Stupa. 6. Nagarjuna Hill. 7. Kasyapa's Stupa. 8. Bidjeswori Bajra Jogini. 9. Karnadip Smasana. 10. (Read More..)

Bonpo Dzogchen Teachings According to Lopon Tenzin Namdak
Author: Transcribed and edited, together with Introduction and Notes, by John Myrdhin Reynolds. > Buddhism

Nowadays there are two principal philosophical traditions followed by Tibetan Lamas. The first is found among the Sarmapas, or Newer Schools, employing the Prasangika Madhyamaka view of Chandrakirti, (Read More..)

Dancing in the Clouds: The Mani rimdu, Dumche and Tsogchen Festivals of the Khumbu Sherpas
Author: Venerable Jamyang Wangmo > Culture

The present book Dancing in the Clouds contains accurate information about the history, organization, and rituals of the Mani Rimdu, Dumche, and Kyarog Tsogchen festivals, as well as a short history o (Read More..)

From Goddess To Mortal: The True Life Story of A Former Royal Kumari
Author: Scott Berry/Rashmila Shakya > Nepal

Scott Berry is a very well-known name to me. I came across his book A
Stranger in Tibet when I was working on the life and works of Ekai
Kawaguchi in Tokyo in 1997-1998. I was very impressed by his (Read More..)

Gods & Goddesses: An Illustrated account of Hindu, Buddhist, Tantric, Hybrid and Tibetan deities
Author: T C Majupuria, Rohit Kumar > Religion

Contents: (i) Some unique gods and goddesses (ii) Hindu deities (iii) Major;Hindu deities (iv) Buddhist deities (v) Hybrid and tantric dieties (vi) Tibetan deities.; (Read More..)

Gods,Men and Territory: Society and Culture in Kathmandu Valley
Author: Anne Vergati > Newars

The Newars who live in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal are well known for their urban civilisation as well as for the social organisation of their territory, which they have conserved for centuries. The (Read More..)

Himalayan Mountain Cults: Sailung, Kalingchok, Gosainkund - Territorial Rituals and Tamang Histories
Author: Gabriele Tautscher > Anthropology

Nepal is renowned for the snow-capped Himalayas and their sacred status as the abode of the gods. These sacred seats are considered inaccessible and remain forbidden to human beings.
Despite this mo (

Islamic Revival in Nepal: Religion and a new nation
Author: Megan Adamson Sijapati > Nepal


This book draws on extensive fieldwork among Muslims in Nepal to examine the local and global factors that shape contemporary Muslim identity and the emerging Islamic revival movement b (Read More..)

Author: VIVIENNE KONDOS > Anthropology

About the Book
The central theme of the book revolves around Kali, time and metaphysics. This theme is pursued in two ways. The first is with four short pieces which focus on aesthetic issues at the (Read More..)

Lord Vishnu: An Iconology
Author: Dr. Mala Malla > Hinduism

It is curious to note that almost all male and female deities ranging from Mahesvara, Narayana, Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, to Bhagavati in varied forms are depicted with defensive weapons. If Mahadeva hol (Read More..)

Old Man Basking in the Sun: Longchenpa's Treasury of Natural Perfection
Author: Translation and Commentary by Keith Dowman > Buddhism

(Foreword by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu)
Dzogchen is the apotheosis of Tibetan Buddhism and Longchenpa is the
pre-eminent master of Dzogchen and one of Tibet's greatest mystical poets.
The verses of his (

Religions in Nepal
Author: T C Majupuria, Rohit Kumar > Religion

Retheorizing Religion in Nepal is an engaging and thought-provoking study of religion in South Asia, with important insights for the study of religion and culture more broadly conceived. Grieve uses e (Read More..)

Riddum: The Voice of Ancestors
Author: MARATINO NICOLETTI > Shamanism

One day, the aged shaman Sancha Prasad Rai told me the
story of his poople. The story that even today the elders of

the Kulunge Rai tribe hand down orally from grnerations to geranations, (Read More..)

Author: MARATINO NICOLETTI > Shamanism

An itinerary- only apparently circular - furrows the universe of Kulung Rai shamanism in Nepal. A nomadic religion, generated within the space of a double geography that weaves vivid visionary foresho (Read More..)

Sherpas Bouddhistes
Author: Henri Sigayret > Buddhism

Ce livre traite des Sherpas, minuscule ethnie de l’Himalaya. Il decrit l’etonnant passé de ces homes. Il raconte la vie qui a ete la leur pendant des siecles, celle qu’ils ont (Read More..)

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BOOKS ON::Religion::
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