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The Cult of Kumari: Virgin Worship in Nepal
Author: > Anthropology

Kathmandu, Newar Buddhist girls as young as two years old are selected to become living incarnations of the Hindu goddess Taleju. Called 'Kumaris', the children are worshiped daily by both priests and ... .. read more


Kamaiya: Slavery and Freedom
Author: Peter Lowe > Anthropology

Kamaiya: Slavery and Freedom challenges the usual postcard image of ethnic groups in Nepal and the ease with which issues involving the lives of thousands of underprivileged people so easily slip off ... .. read more


Anthropology of Nepal: Peoples, Problems and Process
Author: Edt. Michael Allen > Anthropology

An International Conference on the Anthropology of Nepal: Peoples, Problems and Processes was held in the Hotel Vajra, Kathmandu from the 7th to the 14th September 1992. It was organized jointly by th ... .. read more


Priests and Cobblers: A Study of Social Change in a Hindu Village in Western Nepal
Author: A. Patricia Caplan > Anthropology

This book is study of the changing relations between members of the priestly caste (Brahmins) and a group of untouchables (Cobblers). The study covers a periods of several decades up to the time of fi ... .. read more


Author: VIVIENNE KONDOS > Anthropology

About the Book
The central theme of the book revolves around Kali, time and metaphysics. This theme is pursued in two ways. The first is with four short pieces which focus on aesthetic issues at the ... ..
read more


Nepal Mandala: A Cultural Study of the Kathmandu Valley (Two Volumes)

Author: Mary Shepherd Slusser > Architecture

In these volumes Mary Slusser has documented and illustrated the origins and evolution of the remarkable Nepalese civilization that evolved in the Kathmandu Valley - known for much of its long history ... .. read more


Art and Culture of Nepal: Selected Papers
Author: Mary Shepherd Slusser > Art and Culture

With contributions by
Gautama V. Vajracharya and Manuela Fuller

This volume brings together in one convenient format a selection of papers devoted to Nepalese culture published over several years ... ..
read more


The Dasakarma Vidhi: Fundamental Knowledge on Traditional Customs of Ten Rites of Passage Amongst the Buddhist Newars
Author: Pandit Vaidya Asha Kaji (Ganesh Raj Vajracharya), EDITOR: Emeritus Professor Michael Allen > Buddhism

The dasakarma vidhi (ten rites of passage) are performed in two different ways, namely jnana sambhara and karma sambhara. The former refers to the prerequisites of spiritual knowledge, whereas the lat ... .. read more


Dictionary of Nepalese Plant Names
Author: Keshab Shrestha > Dictionary

Nepal is a heterogeneous country of different ethnic groups with different cultures and languages. This Himalayan Kingdom is also very rich in natural wealth, varied flora and fauna dwelling in differ ... .. read more


Limbu-English Dictionary of the Mewa Khola Dialect with
Author: Boyd Michailovsky > Dictionary

The dictionary covers the colloquial, spoken language. It is certainly
not complete, but it is comparable in scope to existing bilingual Limbu-
English dictionaries apart from the completed but stil ... ..
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