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The Great Himalayan Trail: A Pictorial Guide
Author: Robin Boustead > Mountaineering

This stunning book will show you places you never dreamed still existed. Nepal is the most mountainous country on earth and hides many secrets in a maze of remote valleys where small communities have (Read More..)

Ekai Kawaguchi: The Trespassing Insider
Author: Abhi Subedi > Travelogue

One hundred years have passed since Ekai Kawaguchi left his country to explore a world that he did not know much about. From the study of materials, interviews with people and observation of his colle (Read More..)

In the Land of Heart's Desire: Reflection of a Western
Author: Susan Hoivik > Travelogue

In this, her person volume of reflections and experiences over the years, she presents us with new insights into the life and people of the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. Whether relating her 'non-heroic (Read More..)

Three Years in Tibet:
Bibliotheca Himalayica, Series I, Volume 22

Author: Ekai Kawaguchi > Travelogue

The purpose of BIBLIOTHECA HIMALAYICA is to make available works on the natural history and civilizations of Central Asia and the Himalaya. The selection of books includes new works by present-day sch (Read More..)

The Envelope: Walking to Everst Base Camp
Author: Andrew Stevenson > Travelogue

Many disenchanted Westerners have gone to the Himalayas in search of renewal, but no one has written about the experience as perceptively and as personally as Andrew Stevenson. A traveler all his life (Read More..)

Postcards from Kathmandu: Life Among Gods, Kings And Diplomats
Author: Frederick Selby > Travelogue

POSTCARDS FROM KATHMANDU provides a charming and endearing portrait of his family’s adjustment to their new home, but Selby also delivers an elegant but intimate snapshot of this magical land i (Read More..)

A Journey to the Self
Author: Luna Shrestha Thakur > Travelogue

"This is the fascinating and moving story of a young Nepali woman seeking answers to life. She was confused by the hypocrisy and corruption she found in the culture she grew up in. There was discrimin (Read More..)

TheGauri Shankar Trekking Area (including Rowaling): A Cultural Tour book
Author: Patricia East, Susan Hoivik, Max Petrik, Sara Shneiderman & Mark Turin > Trekking

What trekker doesn't dream of getting off the beaten track? Of escaping the congestion of the main 'tea-house' trekking routes and experiencing the real Nepal?

Untouched yet easily accessible, the (

Records 1 to   8 of   8
:: sorting according to :: cat  :: [ Title | Author | Category ]
BOOKS ON::Travelogue::
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