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Changing LIvelihoods: Essays on Nepal's Development since 1990
Author: Jagannath Adhikari > Nepal

The articles collected in this book cover a range of development issues of great contemporary importance: mobility and rural livelihoods, rural-urban relations and regional development, urban environm (Read More..)

Development Studies: Bibliotheca Himalayica, Series IV,
Author: Donald A. Messerschmidt > Development Studies

The purpose of BIBLIOTHECA HIMALAYICA is to make available works on the natural history and civilizations of Central Asia and the Himalaya. The selection of books includes new works by present-day sch (Read More..)

District Development Profile of Nepal 2012: A Socio-Economic Development Database of Nepal
Author: Edt. Jaya Prasad Poudel > Nepal

This book provides Socio-economic data & information of Nepal (National & District) on following issues:

- National Introduction
- Geographic cum Climatic Condition
- Demographic Trend
- Climato (

Hidden Wealth:
The Survival Strategy of Foraging F

Author: Ephrosine Daniggelis > Development Studies

"Mountain people have long practiced sustainable resource management. They have had to, because their place-based cultures and lack of integration in mainstream economics have required it. So too, the (Read More..)

Is Foreign Aid Working?: An analysis of aid effectiveness and growth
Author: Bishwambher Pyakuryal, Dadhi Adhikari, Dipendra Purush Dhakal > Nepal

About the authors:

Bishwambher Pyakuryal, a senior economist of international repute, Dr. Pyakuryal is a professor of economics at Tribhuvan University and free-lance international consultant.

D (

Kings of the Forest: The Cultural Resilience of Himalayan Hunter-Gatherers
Author: Jana Fortier > Nepal

“Jana Fortier has made an important and original contribution to the ethnography of Nepal that focuses our attention on one of that country’s least known ethnic groups, the foraging peopl (Read More..)

Nepal's Development Tragedy: Threats and Possibilities
Author: Bishwambher Pyakuryal > Nepal

Nepal's Development Tragedy Threats and Possibilities was to find out which factors - Capital, policy, governance or institution were constraints to Nepal's Development? (Read More..)

Nepal's Failed Development: Reflections on the MIssion and the Maladies
Author: Devendra Raj Panday > Nepal

This book is a reflection on Nepal”s political economy. Nepal remains one of the poorest countries despite plethora of development experiments that span nearly five decades. This irony is comple (Read More..)

Nepal: Dilemmas of Development and Change in Far-Western Hills
Author: B. C. Upreti > Development Studies

This study is an attempt to understand the complexities, problems and challenges in Nepal’s quest for development and change. The book focuses on the issues of development in the far-western hi (Read More..)

Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS): Vol.24 No.1 June 2019
Author: Editors Pratyoush Onta, Mark Liechty, Tatsuro Fujikura, Lokranjan Parajuli, Yogesh Raj, Katherine N Rankin, Seika Sato, Sanjog Rupaketi, Mallika Shakya, Seira Tamang > SINHAS Journal



Special Theme: The Long 1950s

Mark Liechty, Pratyoush Onta and Lokranjan Parajuli
Nepal: Cultural Politics in the Long 1950s
Pages 1–14

Bandana Gyawali
From Developm (

The Use and Misuse of Social Science Research in Nepal
Author: J. Gabriel Campbell, Ramesh Shrestha, Linda Stone > Nepal

Over 30 years ago the authors of this book produced a provocative critique of survey research methods that were widely used for development planning in Nepal. Their innovative study demonstrated that (Read More..)

Understanding Reforms in Nepal: Political Economy and Institutional Perspective
Author: Dilli Raj Khanal, Pushpa Ra Rakkarnikar, > Politics

At a time when the world was entering into the twenty-first century, profound
changes were underway in the sphere of economic policy making at both global
and national levels. It was already establi (

Records 1 to   13 of   13
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BOOKS ON::Development Studies::
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