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Limbu-English Dictionary of the Mewa Khola Dialect with
Author: Boyd Michailovsky > Dictionary

The dictionary covers the colloquial, spoken language. It is certainly
not complete, but it is comparable in scope to existing bilingual Limbu-
English dictionaries apart from the completed but stil ... ..
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Kids of Khumbu: Sherpa Youth on the Modernity Traial
Author: Kurt Luger > Stories

The Sherpas: a Nepalese people surrounded by myth and mystery, at home in north-east Nepal's Khumbu valley and Everest foothills. They have captured the attention of anthropologists of the world over ... .. read more


Kamaiya: Slavery and Freedom
Author: Peter Lowe > Anthropology

Kamaiya: Slavery and Freedom challenges the usual postcard image of ethnic groups in Nepal and the ease with which issues involving the lives of thousands of underprivileged people so easily slip off ... .. read more


Jhankri: Cha mane de l'Himalaya
Author: Eric Chazot > French Language

... .. read more


Ensnared by AIDS: Cultural Contexts of HIV/AIDS in Nep
Author: David K. Beine > Others

This book is written primarily for scholars of Nepal, other scholars such as anthropologists (especially medical anthropologists), social epidemiologists and public health professionals (especially he ... .. read more


Dictionary of Nepalese Plant Names
Author: Keshab Shrestha > Dictionary

Nepal is a heterogeneous country of different ethnic groups with different cultures and languages. This Himalayan Kingdom is also very rich in natural wealth, varied flora and fauna dwelling in differ ... .. read more


Contes Et Legendes De La Vallee De Kathmandou: Cet ouvr
Author: Kesar Lall > French Language

Dans la sociésté newar les chitrakhars, appelés pun en newari, sont les membres d'une caste don't la fonction est de peindre des divinité sur des toiles paubha, sur les murs des temples, d ... .. read more


Civilized Shamans: Buddhism in Tibetan Societies
Author: Geoffrey Samuel > Shamanism

Civilized Shamans examines the nature and evolution of religion in Tibetan societies from the ninth century up to the Chinese occupation in 1950. Geoffrey Samuel argues that religion in these societie ... .. read more


Chasing Dreams
Author: Abhi Subedi > Poems

Out of Stock. ... .. read more


A Leaf In A Begging Bowl
Author: Ramesh Vikal > Literature

This book contains Nine best stories of Ramesh Vikal translated by Manjushree Thapa.

About the author
Ramesh Vikal is one of the most esteemed modern writers of Nepal. he was born in 1927 in the v ... ..
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