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Pioneer Nepali Students In Japan: A Century Ago - Harendra B. Barua - Mandala Book Point, Kantipath, Kathmandu, Nepal


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   Pioneer Nepali Students In Japan: A Century Ago - Harendra B. Barua - Nepal
Pioneer Nepali Students In Japan: A Century Ago
Author: Harendra B. Barua


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In the early years of the 20th century when every country, including Japan, was looking to the west for advanced studies and training in modern technology, Nepal looked to the east, Japan, for its learning. For the first time Nepali rulers looked abroad upon an external world that offered promises. Japan's pattern of development and growth was thought appropriate and Nepal could learn more from Asian experiences. The profound transformation started in the beginning of the nineteenth century made Japan a powerful nation and became the first nation in Asia to have parliament. All these developments of Japan impressed the then rulers and government of Nepal to adopt a policy to send Nepali youths to Japan for studies. In addition to it there were some similarities between the two countries through their cultural and then political situation, which naturally attracted Nepal.

Despite enormous difficulties and situations the gallant effort made by the first group of Nepali students overseas was appreciated. The students were the pioneers in establishing direct people to people friendship between Nepal and Japan.

In order to make the facts known to all the concerned people this book is divided into three sections in Nepali, Japanese and English languages.

Photographs, documents and bibliography are also added in the book. This evidence helps to illustrate how the Japanese government and the people extended sincere cooperation to the Nepali students to pursue their studies.

About the author:
Harendra B. Barua (b. 1936 in Kathmandu, received his M.A. in Economics in 1963 from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo and later got a UN fellowship for Advanced course in Economic Planning in 1966-67 from United Nations Asian Institute for Economic Development & Planning, Bangkok. He got a Diploma in International Relations and Management in 1983 from the Institute for International Studies, Fujinomiya, Japan. Before joining the Embassy of Japan in 1968, he served the government for a few years.

Mr. Barua has contributed various articles on Japan and published in daily Newspapers, Magazines and Journals. Mr. Barua, a former Monbusho Student, is a founder member and Ex-President of Japan University Students Association, Nepal (JUSAN) and Japan-Students and Trainer's Club. He is also the founder member of the first Japanese Language School in Kathmandu.

He was decorated with "The Order of the Rising Sun (Kun Goto Soko Kyokujitu Sho); Gold & Silver Rays" by the Government of Japan in 1998.

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Publication: Mandala Book Point
Number of Pages: 142
ISBN: 99933-10-16-6

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