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Learning Language Through Laughter - Mathew J Eynon - Mandala Book Point, Kantipath, Kathmandu, Nepal


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   Learning Language Through Laughter - Mathew J Eynon - Language
Learning Language Through Laughter
Author: Mathew J Eynon


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About the Book:

Learning Language Through Laughter provides a unique and enjoyable approach to the study of Nepali language and is based upon two premises. The first is that language acquisition should be fun and stressless which is conducive to a natural and expedient learning environment. As noted scholar Professor Panday indicates in the Preface, laughter is a medicine that provides benefits for our health and as such the mastery of jokes and comedy unconsciously helps to increase one’s language ability. Secondly, the humorous stories contained within provide mini situational dialogues—dialogues that because of their humorous or odd situations, lend themselves to easy memorization of vocabulary words and the situations when those words are used. Jokes are short situational stories that all of us have learned and memorized effortlessly and naturally in our childhoods. The same principal is applied here with the ultimate aim of learning jokes in the target language of Nepali. As an added benefit, humour is said to be culture specific, thus the jokes also provide a unique window into the lighter side of Nepali culture.

About the Author:

Matthew J. Eynon was born in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. He served as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer to Nepal (1977-1980) where he was a high school science teacher in the village of Rukumkot, Rukum District. He earned Master’s degrees from Ohio University (1980) and Indiana University (1983 & 1989) and a Ph.D. from Indiana University (1992). He is currently a professor in the Foreign Language Department of Tenri University, Nara Prefecture Japan. His publications include: Learning Language Through Lyrics: Classical Japanese Pop (Vols. 1 & 2); Learning Language through Lyrics: Nepali Film Songs (Vols. 1 & 2). His translations include: Ancient Tales of Tenri (Vols. 1 & 2); Legends of Nara, and Ancient Tales of Asuka.


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Publication: Mandala Book Point
Number of Pages: 244+
ISBN: 9789937247511

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