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The Return Of The Mauryas - Subodh Kumar Singh - Mandala Book Point, Kantipath, Kathmandu, Nepal


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The Return Of The Mauryas
Author: Subodh Kumar Singh


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The Rising Nepal - By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Dec. 8: The book 'The Return of The Mauriyas' by Subodh Kumar Singh, launched in the capital Saturday reveals the genealogical linkage of the 'Tharus' with the Mauryas, who ruled first in India in the 6th century BC and then in the Terai region of Nepal before Nepal's unification.

The Tharus, the natives of the Terai region of Nepal have been mistaken to be a caste group when established history reveals that they are actually the descendents of Emperor Ashoka and should be recognised in a different way, said Singh at the book launch.

After the fall of the Mauryas in India, their descendents ruled in different parts of the Terai belt of Nepal including the Kathmandu Valley with the titles of Rajputs and Sens and had martial relationship with the Shah Kings of Gorkha and later of Nepal, Singh said.

Giving the highlights of his second book on the Tharus, the first being "The Great Sons of the Tharus', Singh also pointed at the intermingling of the different races Mongoloids, Aryans, Tharus and others in the entire Sumeru belt that stretches from Afghanistan to India.

Singh is working as a political and labour specialist at the US embassy in Kathmandu.

The Shakyas of Nepal are the descendants of the Tharus, with their first lineage being the Mauryas, he said.

Launching the book Vice Chairman of the Lumbini Development Trust, Dr. Keshab Man Shakya said after having the read the book twice he had developed new historical, cultural and political insights into the intermingling of different races in the region as a whole.

"After I read the book I felt that a dark room had been brightened with light," Dr. Shakya said.

He said the book was a valuable input in the present political context when people of different origins have been claiming to be the actual inhabitants of Nepal.

The book clearly reveals that the Tharus are the actual natives of Nepal. The book would contribute towards a better understanding of Nepal's political and cultural history, Dr. Shakya said.

Addressing the function, Chairman of Bouddha Jagaran Sangh Bihar, Parswani, Saptari, Ram Lagan Chaudhary said that the book had contributed to bring to light the 'glorious' history of the Tharus that was hidden by the historians for a long time.

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Number of Pages: 122
ISBN: 9789937200493

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