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   From Goddess To Mortal: The True Life Story of A Former Royal Kumari - Scott Berry/Rashmila Shakya - Nepal
From Goddess To Mortal: The True Life Story of A Former Royal Kumari
Author: Scott Berry/Rashmila Shakya


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Scott Berry is a very well-known name to me. I came across his book A
Stranger in Tibet when I was working on the life and works of Ekai
Kawaguchi in Tokyo in 1997-1998. I was very impressed by his narrative
style and his ability to combine humanism with the wisdom of culture.
Berry has precisely done that in this book From Goddess to Mortal. In this
book, he has very effectively presented the personal narrative of an ex-Kumari.
Reading this book is like traveling into the realms of very loving,
genuine and thrilling experience of a living goddess. This book is a bridge
that links the world of innocence with the world of experience. It also
shows a unique and rare combination of innocence and power as reflected
through the narratives of Rashmila Shakya as told to Scott Berry.
Prof. Abhi Subedi is a playwright and researcher. He is the author of
Ekai Kawaguchi : The Trespassing Insider and score of other books.
The Authors: Rashmila Shakya was Royal Kumari from 1984-91. She is
presently working towards a Bachelor of Information Technology degree. Scott Berry is the author of A Stranger in Tibet, Japanese Agent in Tibet
(With Hisao Kimura) and The Rising Sun in the Land of the Snows.

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Number of Pages:
ISBN: 99946-644-3-3

Price [US $]: 14.78
Inclusive of airmail charges [Worldwide]


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BOOKS ON::Religion::
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Date : 2010-06-11
Comment: Nameste! My book (Great Himalayan Trail) arrived safely this week. Thank you.
Barry Bryan, United Kingdom
Rating: 5
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Date : 2010-03-31
Comment: I received the book today. Thanks for the fast and efficient service.
Philip Cogswell, United Kingdom
Rating: 5
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Date : 2010-02-09
Comment: Sorry, confirming receipt (books arrived 2/9/2010). Thanks again!
Rachel Ingersoll, United States
Rating: 5
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Date : 2010-02-02
Comment: I already received the books, yesterday exactly. I thank you so much for your quickness and I also hope to work with you in future.
Letizia Amorati, France
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2009-12-30
Comment: Thank you the books arrived safely.
Michael Canter, United States
Rating: 5
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Date : 2009-12-15
Comment: I did receive the book on December 15th. It is beautiful and I look forward to learning about the Great Himalaya Trail and planning a future trek in your beautiful country. Best wishes for a peaceful holiday season and splendid New Year.
Mary R Clements, USA
Rating: 5
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Date : 2009-11-30
Comment: The books arrived 30 October. Thanks much for your service.
Waltraud Corso, Germany
Rating: 5
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Date : 2009-11-26
Comment: the book was purchased as a gift to me - also I did receive Nepali Theater As I See It - thank you for your service!
Joseph Uphoff, USA
Rating: 5
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Date : 2009-11-25
Comment: Thank you, the book arrived today. I'm eagerly anticipating reading it. Hopefully I will be able to visit your store in person someday!
Timon Orawski, Canada
Rating: 5
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Date : 2009-11-25
Comment: Last week, just before Christmas, I received the very beautiful book “The Great Himalayan Trail” I ordered. It took much longer than the 10 days you mentioned in your mail, but I was expecting that so no problem at all. Really a beautiful book, inspiring me to come back to Nepal for the 9th time :) ! Best regards and pheri betaunla from Amsterdam,
Leo Schmit, Netherlands
Rating: 5
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