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   Beginner's Dictionary: Newari-Nepali-English - Isworananda Shrestha - Dictionary
Beginner's Dictionary: Newari-Nepali-English
Author: Isworananda Shrestha


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Number of Pages: 75


Read what Others say about this Book :

1.   provin shrestha, uk Rating: 1/5
how the hell can i buy it? n without seein or readin it how can guys just give it 4 or 5 stars? if there is such a book in real can the author please let us know how to get it....thanks

Posted on:2012-05-09 19:06:36

2.   Bijay, Shankhamul Rating: 3/5
How to download this book

Posted on:2012-05-04 03:45:53

3.   Munal shrestha, Gangtok Rating: 5/5
I love newarii language and i want to learn newari language.

Posted on:2012-04-20 03:15:19

4.   niraj paudel, thimi Rating: 4/5
i need anyway

Posted on:2012-04-17 03:43:50

5.   Mohan Shrestha, Jhapa Rating: 3/5
yap i want

Posted on:2012-03-30 02:06:53

6.   Roshan Raghubanshi, Malangwa - 8, Sarlahi, Nepal Rating: 3/5
I'm searching such kind of book that give me a way to learn nepal bhasha, because I'm born in Terai & also in the family no one speak in newari language, that's why I egger to learn our own language and my babies too

Posted on:2012-01-08 19:50:07

7.   Rajesh Shrestha, Bungamati Rating: 3/5
want to learn nepal bhasa language

Posted on:2011-12-07 17:51:23

8.   ramesh shrestha, jhapa Rating: 3/5
how to get this book which help me to know my native languge

Posted on:2011-07-19 06:44:34

9.   Nikun Tamrakar, Pokhara Rating: 4/5
how to download these book or any other e-books??

Posted on:2011-07-18 18:57:55

10.   santosh, pokhara Rating: 5/5
nice book to read and learn newari

Posted on:2011-06-29 16:13:26

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BOOKS ON::Dictionary::
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Date : 2010-06-11
Comment: Nameste! My book (Great Himalayan Trail) arrived safely this week. Thank you.
Barry Bryan, United Kingdom
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2010-03-31
Comment: I received the book today. Thanks for the fast and efficient service.
Philip Cogswell, United Kingdom
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2010-02-09
Comment: Sorry, confirming receipt (books arrived 2/9/2010). Thanks again!
Rachel Ingersoll, United States
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2010-02-02
Comment: I already received the books, yesterday exactly. I thank you so much for your quickness and I also hope to work with you in future.
Letizia Amorati, France
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2009-12-30
Comment: Thank you the books arrived safely.
Michael Canter, United States
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2009-12-15
Comment: I did receive the book on December 15th. It is beautiful and I look forward to learning about the Great Himalaya Trail and planning a future trek in your beautiful country. Best wishes for a peaceful holiday season and splendid New Year.
Mary R Clements, USA
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2009-11-30
Comment: The books arrived 30 October. Thanks much for your service.
Waltraud Corso, Germany
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2009-11-26
Comment: the book was purchased as a gift to me - also I did receive Nepali Theater As I See It - thank you for your service!
Joseph Uphoff, USA
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2009-11-25
Comment: Thank you, the book arrived today. I'm eagerly anticipating reading it. Hopefully I will be able to visit your store in person someday!
Timon Orawski, Canada
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately
Date : 2009-11-25
Comment: Last week, just before Christmas, I received the very beautiful book “The Great Himalayan Trail” I ordered. It took much longer than the 10 days you mentioned in your mail, but I was expecting that so no problem at all. Really a beautiful book, inspiring me to come back to Nepal for the 9th time :) ! Best regards and pheri betaunla from Amsterdam,
Leo Schmit, Netherlands
Rating: 5
Recommend? Definately

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