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Nepal Tomorrow: Voices & Visions - Edt. D. B. Gurung - Mandala Book Point, Kantipath, Kathmandu, Nepal


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   Nepal Tomorrow: Voices & Visions - Edt. D. B. Gurung - Politics
Nepal Tomorrow: Voices & Visions
Author: Edt. D. B. Gurung


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With its enormous geo-ethnic diversity, unique history, and strategic location, Nepal has undergone drastic changes following the democratic restoration of 1990. Sadly, despite the proliferation of media and information technology; rapid urbanization, interconnectivity with the outside world, implementation of democratic constitution, and open and regular elections, the new experiments have just been another rerun of our collective failures. It has really been a wild and bumpy democratic ride.

Insurgency, deaths, devastation, economic exploitation, social disparities, political lacuna, and uncertainty mar our present day life. ‘Who can tell what the future has in store for us?

This volume with its encyclopedic scope is an intellectual assemblage of thirty-nine of the finest minds of the country. What pushes these intellectuals apart is the powerful idiosyncrasy in their subjects of interest and expertise, and what pulls them together is the sense of being a Nepali exerted on each of them, driven by a common shared vision, in an ongoing symbiosis to attempt to steer this stuttering nation toward the golden dawn of tomorrow. Each of these essays stands on its own, focuses on contemporary Nepal, but without being oblivious of the past, and seeks remedies for the social, political, and economic ills pervading the nation.

This compendium, which will be an engaging and indispensable reference book for anyone interested in Nepal, explicates the following themes:

• Nationalism, Ethnicity, Socio-Political Crisis, and Resolution
• Monarchy and Royal Massacre
• Foreign Aid and Corruption
• National Security, Maoist Insurgency, and Political Economy
• Women, Girl Trafficking, Da/it, Children, Judiciary, and Human Rights
• Agriculture, Environment, Eco-Tourism, Health, and Ethno-Genetics
• Education, Language, Literature, Intelligentsia, and Media
• Gurkhas, Lumbini, and Arts
• Bhutanese Refugees


D. B. Gurung’s first book of poetry titled Whisper (1992) earned national attention. Numerous of his poems have been published in various anthologies in Nepal and the United States, including Distinguished Poets of America, American Poetry Anthology, and Creative Arts and Science, among others, and have won several awards and commendations. Gurung was the winner of Golden Poet Award (1990) from the United States. His novel Echoes of the Himalayas (UBSPD, New Delhi, 2000) attained critical acclaim both in Nepal and abroad. Gurung is one of the major contributors to Voices from Nepal (1999),
• the first anthology of poems by Nepali writers in English. His most recent book is Sleepwalk, a selection of poems. Gurung is Founder/Principal of Dewy Dawn High School, Kathmandu.

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Number of Pages: 694
ISBN: 99933-671-0-9

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