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Understanding The Maoist Movement of Nepal - Edt. Deepak Thapa - Mandala Book Point, Kantipath, Kathmandu, Nepal


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   Understanding The Maoist Movement of Nepal - Edt. Deepak Thapa - Politics
Understanding The Maoist Movement of Nepal
Author: Edt. Deepak Thapa


About  .

  The Book

This collection of writings taken from a variety of source provides wide-ranging perspective on the Maoist insurrection to inform readers of the many facets of Nepal's internal conflict. The selection analyses and explains the failure of the state to meet the aspirations of a people emerging from an authoritarian regime; the swift politicisation of the Nepali countryside; brutal excesses of a state that knew only the language of force to tackle dissent; the shortcomings of the elected representatives of people; violence trancending political boundaries; and the viciousness of a class conflict sometimes gone awry. The historical persepective of the book helps locate the Nepali Maoists within the context of left politics in the country. Contrary to portrayals ignorant of Nepal's political history, the 'people's warriors' did not spring up from nowhere as an aberration in world politics.

Aimed at both the general reader and the specialist, Understanding the Maoist Movement of Nepal is indispensable for those interested in contemporary Nepal.

Inside the book
Andrew Nickson
Stephen Mikesell
Baburam_Idenpendent (File : Inter~1) (Chapter: The Phobia of Guerilla)
Perspectives on the ‘people’s war’
Rishikesh Shah (Idea Reality, Nepal…)
Shyam Shrestha (Nepali cart before Horse)
Anne de Sales (The Kham Magar Country..)
Mohan Mainali (Development vs The Maobaadis)
Rita Manchanda
Hari Roka (Talks are a Mirage)
Saubhagya Shah (The other side of Alcohol Economy)
Pushkar Bhusal (PM, C-N-C- and HM)
C.K. Lal (Nepal’s Maobaadi)

The Maoist View
Despathches (Report from the People’s War)
Prachanda_Onesto interview (F: Interview2) (Red Flag…)
Prachanda_A World to Win (Interview with Comrade Prachanda)
Letter from Maoist activist (Sacrifice for what…)

The Emergency and after
Dipak Gyawali (Reflecting on contemporary)
Deepak Thapa (Erosion of Nepali World)
AI_report (Nepal A Spiraling HRC)
Kanak Mani Dixit (Insurgents and Innocents)
Manjushree Thapa (The War in the West)
Baburam_Washington Times
Anup Pahari (Negotiating an end to…)
Anil Bhattarai (A Case for Radical…)

Sudheer Sharma
Profile_Baburam (Not everyone…)
Profile_Prachanda (Power Play)

40pt demands (Appendix)


Book  .


Number of Pages: 395
ISBN: 99933-782-7-5

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