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Nepali Art: Issues Miscellany
Author: Madan Chitrakar > Art and Culture

This is the second work of Madan Chitrakar in a book form. As one of the leading art-writers of Nepal, on many occasions he has taken Nepali Art beyond the borders.

In this book - a collection of s (

Prayogshala: Nepali Sagkraman ma Delhi, Durbar ra Maobadi
Author: Sudheer Sharma > Bestseller (Nepali)

Text: In Nepali Lanaguge

Prayogshala (Laboratory) is a book about the politics of Nepal. It was written by Sudheer Sharma. The book revolves around the Maoist insurgency, deposed monarchy and the r (Read More..)

Author: KISHORE NEPAL > Bestseller (Nepali)

Mero Samaye By Kishore Nepal

Text: Nepali
Pulished Year: 2014 (

Author: MADAN KRISHNA SHRESTHA > Bestseller (Nepali)

Author: PETER J KARTHAK > Bestseller (Nepali)

The book opens with the daily routine of a confident fixer satisfied with the state of hi floating faces, flowing finances and flying friends. (Read More..)

Bear and Fox
Author: Avalok Maharjan > Children

Bear and fox is a series of short stories about two friends written by a seven-year-old boy. The book also contains 4 pages of "color me activity" for kids to color bear and fox with their own imagina (Read More..)

In Hope and in Fear: Living through the people's war in Nepal
Author: Edt Prabin Manandhar and David Seddon > Conflict

In Hope and in Fear provides a unique insight into how ordinary Nepalis experienced and lived through the Maoist insurgency. Their hopes and their fears, and the way in which they responded to and cop (Read More..)

Facing my Phantoms
Author: Sheeba Shah > Fiction

Facing My Phantoms is a fictional rendering of the most tumultuous period of Nepalese history from the 1930s till the present day. Through the eyes of Sanjeevani, the story describes an ongoing socio- (Read More..)

Can a Woman Rebel?
Author: Sangita Rayamajhi > Gender Studies

The Throne of Stone: A Reconstructed Village Version of the Pre-Dawn of the Gorkha Dynasty: 1479-1559
Author: J P Cross > History

Who would be the next king appointed on the Throne of Stone?

For three generations struggles in parts of what is now Nepal and northern India mired the peace by land-grabbing, kidnap, murder, feuds (Read More..)

A Boy from Siklis:The Life and Times of Chandra Gurung
Author: Manjushree Thapa > Literature

In the last days of the monsoon in 2006, a helicopter crash in Nepal’s eastern hills claimed some of the country’s best, including the charismatic environmentalist Chandra Gurung.
Sta (

Road to Kathmandu
Author: Patrick Marnham > Nepal

Kathmandu is fabled city – mystical , magical rich in myth and legend. For centuries the diverse culture and staggering natural beauty of nepal have lured travelers from Europe, In the 1960s an (Read More..)

Author: M K limbu > Nepal

“A novel about life, love, death and rebellion in the eastern hills of Nepal.”

It is said that all human activities seem futile and insignificant against the backdrop of the mighty Hi (Read More..)

Unleashing Nepal: Past Present and Future of The Economy
Author: Sujeev Shakya (Forword by Gurcharan Das) > Nepal

The past decade has been an eventful one for Nepal. It has featured thwarted attempts at democracy, a royal massacre and a coup, and finally, almost incredibly, Maoist guerrillas coming over ground, w (Read More..)

New Nepal: The Fault Lines
Author: Nischal Nath Pandey > Nepal

This book analyses the tumultuous situation in post-republic Nepal, with spot diagnosis of the major issues facing the country such as federal structure, security sector reform, armed movement in the (Read More..)

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BOOKS ON::Fiction::
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