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Culture - Culture of Nepal


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Auspicious Music in a Changing Society:
The Damai ..

Author: Carol Tingey > Anthropology

Nepal, a country as diverse demographically as it is topographically, is populated by over thirty culturally and linguistically distinct ethnic groups.
Damais occupy a unique place within this imm (

Kamaiya: Slavery and Freedom
Author: Peter Lowe > Anthropology

Kamaiya: Slavery and Freedom challenges the usual postcard image of ethnic groups in Nepal and the ease with which issues involving the lives of thousands of underprivileged people so easily slip off (Read More..)

Nationalism and Ethnicity in a Hindu Kingdom: The Po
Author: David N. Gellner, Joanna Ptait-Czarnecka > Anthropology

Nepal is the only officially Hindu Kingdom in the world and has remained so through successive changes of political regime. Since the nineteenth century it has experienced the autocracy of the Ranas, (Read More..)

People of Nepal
Author: Dor Bahadur Bista > Anthropology

When People of Nepal, by Dor Bahadur Bista, was fist published in 1967, it was the first relatively comprehensive view of the vast array of Nepali cultures, castes and ethnic groups, with descriptions (Read More..)

Musical Instruments of Nepal
Author: Ram Prasad Kadel > Anthropology

Musical Instrument of Nepal, a book by Ram Prasad Kadel, has explored the surviving inborn musical instruments. He not only has explored the musical instruments but he has also illustrated 362 differe (Read More..)

Himalayan Mountain Cults: Sailung, Kalingchok, Gosainkund - Territorial Rituals and Tamang Histories
Author: Gabriele Tautscher > Anthropology

Nepal is renowned for the snow-capped Himalayas and their sacred status as the abode of the gods. These sacred seats are considered inaccessible and remain forbidden to human beings.
Despite this mo (

Shamanic Solitudes: Estasy, Madness and Spirit Possession in Nepal Himalayas
Author: Martino Nicoletti > Anthropology

About the Author:
Martino Nicoletti (Ph.D.) (Perugia – Italy, 1968) has for over fifteen years been a specialist in the ethnography of the Himalayas and history of religions of southern Asia. (Read More..)

Author: VIVIENNE KONDOS > Anthropology

About the Book
The central theme of the book revolves around Kali, time and metaphysics. This theme is pursued in two ways. The first is with four short pieces which focus on aesthetic issues at the (Read More..)

Art and Culture of Nepal: Selected Papers
Author: Mary Shepherd Slusser > Art and Culture

With contributions by
Gautama V. Vajracharya and Manuela Fuller

This volume brings together in one convenient format a selection of papers devoted to Nepalese culture published over several years (Read More..)

Nepali Art: Issues Miscellany
Author: Madan Chitrakar > Art and Culture

This is the second work of Madan Chitrakar in a book form. As one of the leading art-writers of Nepal, on many occasions he has taken Nepali Art beyond the borders.

In this book - a collection of s (

The Dasakarma Vidhi: Fundamental Knowledge on Traditional Customs of Ten Rites of Passage Amongst the Buddhist Newars
Author: Pandit Vaidya Asha Kaji (Ganesh Raj Vajracharya), EDITOR: Emeritus Professor Michael Allen > Buddhism

The dasakarma vidhi (ten rites of passage) are performed in two different ways, namely jnana sambhara and karma sambhara. The former refers to the prerequisites of spiritual knowledge, whereas the lat (Read More..)

The Festivals of Nepal
Author: Mary M Anderson > Culture

When Mary Anderson began her five-year residence in Kathmandu as the wife of diplomat, she attended the frequent Nepalese festivals up and down the Valley because they were mysterious, colourful and g (Read More..)

Dancing in the Clouds: The Mani rimdu, Dumche and Tsogchen Festivals of the Khumbu Sherpas
Author: Venerable Jamyang Wangmo > Culture

The present book Dancing in the Clouds contains accurate information about the history, organization, and rituals of the Mani Rimdu, Dumche, and Kyarog Tsogchen festivals, as well as a short history o (Read More..)

The Culture & Aesthetics of DURGA in NEPALMANDALA: From Primitive Forest Icons to the Living Goddess, RajaKumari, of Kathmandu Valley
Author: Milan Ratna Shakya > Culture

Culture & Aesthetics of Durga in Nepal Mandala upholds the cultural-religious assessment attentively on aesthetic perspective of Hindu-Buddhist myths. Aesthetically this is transmitting the Sakta mili (Read More..)

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BOOKS ON::Culture::
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