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Author: MADAN KRISHNA SHRESTHA > Bestseller (Nepali)

Long Pilgrimage: The Life and Teaching of the Shivapuri Baba
Author: John G Bennett, Thakur Lal Manandhar > Biography

Describes the life and teachings of the Shivapuri Baba, one of the most remarkable men of our time. Here is a guide to living which is extraordinary in its simplicity, yet adaptable to any age of cult (Read More..)

Syamukapu: The Lhasa Newars of Kalimpong and Kathmandu
Author: D. S. Kansakar Hilker > Biography

Syamukapu is a personal account about Bhajuratna and his son Gyan Jyoti. The book stretches over a period of 122 years, from 1882 to 2004 and unfolds in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Lhasa and Kathmandu. Wit (Read More..)

People of Nepal: Who's who 2007
Author: Narayan Prasad Sharma > Nepal

This book includes 1040 personalities with B/W photos and it contains more than enough information about those people in a small space. It is a praiseworthy endeavor. (Read More..)

Democratizing Monarch: A Memoir of Nepals King Birendra
Author: Francis G Hutchins > Nepal

On the evening of June 1, 2001, the King and Queen of Nepal, their daughter and younger son were murdered, evidently by their older son, whose own mysterious death ended the slaughter. The King†(Read More..)


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एसएलसीमा बोर्ड पाँचौ भएका विनí (

Ageing With Virtues
Author: Bimala Ojha > Nepal

Dr. Bimala Ojha is a Dermatologist, with extensive experience in the fields of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Nepal. The first woman to specialise in the field of Dermatology (Read More..)

Simple Convictions: My Struggle for Peace and Democracy
Author: Girija Prasad Koirala, Kanak Mani Dixit > Politics

“Girija Prasad Koirala

The introduction to Simple Convictions is written by Kanak Mani Dixit, an editor and reporter who was active in the fight against ‘royal regression’ and ma (Read More..)

PRACHANDA: The Unknown Revolutionary
Author: Anirban Roy > Politics

The Maoist chief "Prachanda" led an underground life for more than 25 years, and piecing together the stories about him and authenticating them were the most difficult part. Unfortunately, the facts s (Read More..)

Records 1 to   10 of   10
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BOOKS ON::Biography::
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