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Author: Kesar Lall > Poems

Collection of Poems by Kesar Lall. (

Towards a Democratic Nepal: Inclusive Political Institutions for a Multicultural Society
Author: Mahendra Lawoti > Politics

The maoist insurgency in Nepal, which began in 1996, has lead to considerable political violence in which more then 10,000 people have already lost their lives. This insurgency began and grew dramati (Read More..)

Party Building in Nepal: Organization, Leadership and People
Author: Krishna Hachhethu > Politics

Nepali political parties have recently stepped into a new phase of party building. With the restoration of democracy in 1990, political parties, the Nepali Congress (NC) and the Communist Party of Nep (Read More..)

People, Politics & Ideology: Democracy and Social Change in Nepal
Author: Martin Hoftun, William Raeper, John Whel > Politics

This volume presents an account of political developments in Nepal since the ending of the Rana autocracy and the beginning of experiments with democracy. The book also analyzes the differing concepti (Read More..)

Understanding The Maoist Movement of Nepal
Author: Edt. Deepak Thapa > Politics

This collection of writings taken from a variety of source provides wide-ranging perspective on the Maoist insurrection to inform readers of the many facets of Nepal's internal conflict. The selection (Read More..)

Foreign Aid and politics in Nepal: A Case Study
Author: Eugene Bramer Mihaly > Politics

First published in 1965, this study of foreign aid has now become a recognised classic on the subject. When the author began his research, Nepal was receiving assistance from an extraordinarily large (Read More..)

Domestic Conflict and Crisis of Governability in Nepal
Author: Edt. Dhurba Kumar > Politics

The Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, ever since its inception in 1972, has been an international Centre for research and publications of exceedingly rich and variegated subjects of historical and c (Read More..)

Election and Governance in Nepal
Author: Edt. Lok Raj Baral > Politics

Election and Governance is the first innovative work on Nepal based on both theoretical and empirical studies. The main variables have been tested empirically at the local level bye using survey metho (Read More..)

Nepal's Maoist Movement and Implications for India and China
Author: Nishchal Nath Pandey > Politics

The present study focuses on the implications for India and China of a sustained political instability and ensuing violence inside Nepal with geo-strategic importance to both the Asian giants. The boo (Read More..)

Conflict in Nepal: A Simplified Account
Author: Lindsay Friedman > Politics

This is a clear and concise account of the conflict in Nepal. It is written in a simple style and avoids technical jargon, so that the ordinary reader can get a sense of the realities of Nepal's compl (Read More..)

The Royal Nepal Army: Meeting The Maoist Challenge
Author: Ashok K Mehta > Politics

"Very little is known about Nepal except for its beautiful mountains. Still less is known about its people, their poverty and underdevelopment and its fallout - the Maoist uprising. Even less has been (Read More..)

Nepal: Democracy in Transition
Author: Navin Mishra > Politics

Nepal began the transition from the 14 century absolute monarchy to a 20 century multiparty democracy and constitutional monarchy in 1990. During the brief parliamentary period that followed as many a (Read More..)

Under the Shadow of Violence
Author: Kishore Nepal > Politics

Under the Shadow of Violence gives a graphic account of the daily difficulties and traumatic suffering of the Nepali people amidst the on-going violent conflict. It tells of a population 'sandwiched' (Read More..)

Politics of People's War and Human Rights in Nepal
Author: Bishnu Pathak > Politics

Politics of People's War and Human Rights attempts to narrate and analyze Maoists' decade-long war, its politics, and consequences, particularly for human rights.
Dr Pathak wants to handle the 'Peop (

Himalayan 'People's War': Nepal's Maoist Rebellion
Author: Michael Hutt > Politics

The eruption of a violent Maoist insurgency in Nepal in the late 1990s was met with bewilderment even among many of those who claimed to know the country well. Any such development possesses its own h (Read More..)

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BOOKS ON::Nepal::
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