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Resistance and the State: Nepalese Experiences
Author: David N Gellner > Nepal

…an excellent contribution to our understanding of Nepal's current situation and worth the attention of anyone seriously interested in the subject.'
- JOHN WHELPTON in European Bulletin of Hima (

Revolution In Nepal: An Anthropological and Historical Approach to People'S War
Author: Editor(s): Marie Lecomte-tilouine > Nepal

The People's War waged by the Maoist Party in Nepal overtly aimed at radically changing the nature of power and society. Nepalese society was thus shaken to its very roots, experiencing its own fr (Read More..)

Riddum: The Voice of Ancestors
Author: MARATINO NICOLETTI > Shamanism

One day, the aged shaman Sancha Prasad Rai told me the
story of his poople. The story that even today the elders of

the Kulunge Rai tribe hand down orally from grnerations to geranations, (Read More..)

Road to Kathmandu
Author: Patrick Marnham > Nepal

Kathmandu is fabled city – mystical , magical rich in myth and legend. For centuries the diverse culture and staggering natural beauty of nepal have lured travelers from Europe, In the 1960s an (Read More..)

Seasons of Flight
Author: Manjushree Thapa > Nepal

It was and it was not far, where she came from. Some days her birth village felt centuries away, and other days it was too close, she could not get far enough away from it… She lived, now, in Am (Read More..)

Seasons of the Divine
Author: Arun Gupto > Nepal

The book is a textual and visual representation of Kathmandu Valley, weaving discourses on festivals, narratives and performances during August, September and October, which are intense months of fes (Read More..)

Sex Trafficking in South Asia: Telling Maya's Story
Author: Mary Crawford > Gender Studies

This book is a critical feminist analysis of sex trafficking. Arguing that trafficking in girls and women is a product of the social construction of gender and other dimensions of power and status wit (Read More..)

Shakti, Shrasta ra Subaltern (In Nepali)
Author: Dr. Tara Lal Shrestha > Nepal

'Shakti, Shrasta ra Subaltern' is the pioneering book on subaltern
studies in Nepalese contexts. It has evolved a new critical discourse in Nepali
academia. It came in second revised edition within (

Author: MARATINO NICOLETTI > Shamanism

An itinerary- only apparently circular - furrows the universe of Kulung Rai shamanism in Nepal. A nomadic religion, generated within the space of a double geography that weaves vivid visionary foresho (Read More..)

Shamanic Solitudes: Estasy, Madness and Spirit Possession in Nepal Himalayas
Author: Martino Nicoletti > Anthropology

About the Author:
Martino Nicoletti (Ph.D.) (Perugia – Italy, 1968) has for over fifteen years been a specialist in the ethnography of the Himalayas and history of religions of southern Asia. (Read More..)

Sherpas Bouddhistes
Author: Henri Sigayret > Buddhism

Ce livre traite des Sherpas, minuscule ethnie de l’Himalaya. Il decrit l’etonnant passé de ces homes. Il raconte la vie qui a ete la leur pendant des siecles, celle qu’ils ont (Read More..)

Simple Convictions: My Struggle for Peace and Democracy
Author: Girija Prasad Koirala, Kanak Mani Dixit > Politics

“Girija Prasad Koirala

The introduction to Simple Convictions is written by Kanak Mani Dixit, an editor and reporter who was active in the fight against ‘royal regression’ and ma (Read More..)

Singing for freedom
Author: Ani Choying Drolma > Nepal

Ani Choying escaped her violent home for a monastery in Nepal. One day, an American jazz guitarist heard the young nun sing and was so enthralled by her voice that he recorded an album with her. The p (Read More..)

State and Society: Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Nepal
Author: Kristian Stokke & Mohan Das Manandhar > Politics

Social exclusion and inclusion have gained much attention and have been widely debated in recent years. The two concepts clearly illustrate the close but complex relations between state and society. P (Read More..)

Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS): Vol. 13 No. 2 December 2008
Author: Edt Pratyoush Onta, Mark Liechty, Seira Tamang, Tatsuro Fujikura > SINHAS Journal

Structures of Denial: Student Representation in Nepal’s Higher Education 235
Pramod Bhatta, Lila Adhikari, Manu Thada, and Ramesh Rai
‘We Women have to Get Married off (

Records 121 to   135 of   189
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BOOKS ON::nepal::
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