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Nepal: Crisis Unlimited
Author: Barbara Adams > Politics

Barbara Adams has lived in Nepal for 45 years. She is a staunch nationalist, and as a result, a server and passionate critic. This book contains her observations of the failings of what come to be cal (Read More..)

Nepal: Democracy in Transition
Author: Navin Mishra > Politics

Nepal began the transition from the 14 century absolute monarchy to a 20 century multiparty democracy and constitutional monarchy in 1990. During the brief parliamentary period that followed as many a (Read More..)

Nepal: Strategy for Survival
Author: Leo E. Rose (Forward by John Whelpton) > Nepal

The most formidable problem of Nepalese foreign policy has long been how to preserve national independence in the face of threats from abroad. Hence the interest of this book, which traces Nepalese fo (Read More..)

Nepalese Administration: A Historical Perspective
Author: Tulsi Narayan Shrestha > Nepal

Here is a book, which describes briefly but analytically the fascinating story of the evolution of Nepal's administrative system from the very dawn of recorded history to the last days of Rana regime. (Read More..)

Nepalese Climbers on Mount Everest
Author: Ang Phurba Sherpa & Ramesh Raj Kunwar > Mountaineering

If all the books on mountains were stacked on top of another, they would probably rival the heights of the peaks. Countless volumes on climbers and mountaineers are available in several languages. But (Read More..)

Nepali Art: Issues Miscellany
Author: Madan Chitrakar > Art and Culture

This is the second work of Madan Chitrakar in a book form. As one of the leading art-writers of Nepal, on many occasions he has taken Nepali Art beyond the borders.

In this book - a collection of s (

New Horizons in Education in Nepal
Author: Tirth Raj Khaniya > Education

About the Author:

Dr. Khaniya was Born in Lamjung, Duradanda. He is from Chitwan. Dr. Tirth Raj Khaniya got his Master of English Educaton from University of Edinburgh. He did his Post Doctoral Res (Read More..)

New Nepal: The Fault Lines
Author: Nischal Nath Pandey > Nepal

This book analyses the tumultuous situation in post-republic Nepal, with spot diagnosis of the major issues facing the country such as federal structure, security sector reform, armed movement in the (Read More..)

NGOs In Livelihood Improvement: Nepalese Experience
Author: Tek Nath Dhakal > Nepal

There is a Sharp rise in the number of non-profit organizations and their activities in the developing countries. As NGOs have been developing at the cutting point of market, the state, and the civil (Read More..)

Origins and Migrations: Kinship, Mythology and Ethnic Identity among the Mewahang Rai of East Nepal
Author: Martin Gaenszle > Nepal

This is the first published anthropological monograph on a Kiranti mythology in its social and historical context. Based on in-depth fieldwork in the Arun Valley (in the Makalu-Barun area) the study e (Read More..)

Palpasa Cafe (English Version)
Author: Narayan Wagle > Nepal

Best selling Nepali novel – Palpasa Café is now to be released in English. Palpasa Café is a Nepali novel written by journalist Narayan Wagle which was released in 2005. Since it's release the boo (Read More..)

Paradise Lost?: State Failure in Nepal
Author: Ali Riaz, Subho basu > Politics

"An Outstanding achievement in explaning current political developments in Nepal while placing them insightfully and concisely within a historical context. A timely book that will be an invaluable res (Read More..)

Records 91 to   105 of   187
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BOOKS ON::Nepal::
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