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Himalayan Mountain Cults: Sailung, Kalingchok, Gosainkund - Territorial Rituals and Tamang Histories
Author: Gabriele Tautscher > Anthropology

Nepal is renowned for the snow-capped Himalayas and their sacred status as the abode of the gods. These sacred seats are considered inaccessible and remain forbidden to human beings.
Despite this mo (

Hindu Gods and Goddesses
Author: A. G. Mitchell > Hinduism

The crowded pantheon of Hinduism, magnificently represented in art and dramatically described in the great classics of Hindu religious literature, is a fascinating but often complex subject. Hindu God (Read More..)

Hinduism: Past and present
Author: Axel Michaels > Hinduism

Hinduism is currently followed by one-fifth of humankind. Far from a monolithic theistic tradition, the religion comprises thousands of gods, a complex caste system, and hundreds of languages and dial (Read More..)

Identity & Society: Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Nepal
Author: > Nepal

Identity and Society: a new book on social inclusion and exclusion in Nepal. It contains articles by eminent scholars The article of Yam Bahadur Kisan explores on Dalits’ inclusion in Nepali s (Read More..)

In Defence of Democracy: Dynammics and Fault Lines of Nepal's Political Economy
Author: Ram Sharan Mahat > Politics

The Post-1990 democratic dispensation of Nepal evokes mixed reaction. Especially after the Royal move of 1st February 2005, a well-orchestrated campaign has been launched to smear the period as a fail (Read More..)

In Hope and in Fear: Living through the people's war in Nepal
Author: Edt Prabin Manandhar and David Seddon > Conflict

In Hope and in Fear provides a unique insight into how ordinary Nepalis experienced and lived through the Maoist insurgency. Their hopes and their fears, and the way in which they responded to and cop (Read More..)

In the Land of Heart's Desire: Reflection of a Western
Author: Susan Hoivik > Travelogue

In this, her person volume of reflections and experiences over the years, she presents us with new insights into the life and people of the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. Whether relating her 'non-heroic (Read More..)

Insurgency, Terrorism & Crime: Shadows From the Past and Portents for the Future
Author: Max G. Manwaring, Forword and afterwords by Edwin G. Corr > Politics

In this book, national security expert Max G. Manwaring examines the ascendance of nonstate actors in a geopolitical world. He shows how such actors have emerged parallel to the state-centric internat (Read More..)

International Watercourses Law and Its Application in South Asia
Author: Dr. Trilochan Upreti > Nepal

Dr. Trilochan Upreti has been associated with His majesty’s Government of Nepal as a Joint Secretary. At the Moment, he has been taking the charge of Human Rights Division of the Office of the (Read More..)

Introduction to the Studies of Tibetan Medical Sources
Author: Dr. Natalia D. Bolsokhoyeva > Others

About the author:
Dr. Natalia D. Bolsokhoyeva, born in Ulan-Ude (Buryatiya, Russia), graduated from Leningrad (now St.-Petersburg) University, specialising in Tibetan medieval literature. She works (Read More..)

Is Foreign Aid Working?: An analysis of aid effectiveness and growth
Author: Bishwambher Pyakuryal, Dadhi Adhikari, Dipendra Purush Dhakal > Nepal

About the authors:

Bishwambher Pyakuryal, a senior economist of international repute, Dr. Pyakuryal is a professor of economics at Tribhuvan University and free-lance international consultant.

D (

Islamic Revival in Nepal: Religion and a new nation
Author: Megan Adamson Sijapati > Nepal


This book draws on extensive fieldwork among Muslims in Nepal to examine the local and global factors that shape contemporary Muslim identity and the emerging Islamic revival movement b (Read More..)

Issue of the world of work in Nepal
Author: > Others

This is a collection of and about the actors of World of Work in Nepal, about the struggles for the dignity of working class peoples.

The publication tells the readers stories and issues of confro (Read More..)

Records 76 to   90 of   310
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