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The Challenge to Democracy in Nepal
Author: T Louise Brown > Politics

The Challenge to Democracy in Nepal" covers the history of Nepal from the Medieval/Early Modern period up to the present day. Louise Brown gives particular emphasis to contemporary Nepal, providing an (Read More..)

The Cultural Politics of Markets: Economic Liberalization and Social Change in Nepal
Author: Katharine Neilson Rankin > Politics

‘Katherine Rankin Distills important debates in anthropology and geography as they relate to planning in a way that is accessible yet intelligent. … I know of no other book which so effect (Read More..)

The Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: Revolution in the Twenty-First Century
Author: Edt Mahendra Lawoti and Anup K. Pahari > Politics

The book deals with the dynamics and growth of a violent 21st century communist rebellion initiated in Nepal by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) – CPN(M). It contextualizes and explains wh (Read More..)

The Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB and The World
Author: Christopher Andrew, Vasili Mitrokhin > Politics

This Book Completes the story of the spy sensation that shook the western world (Read More..)

The Return Of The Mauryas
Author: Subodh Kumar Singh > History

The Rising Nepal - By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Dec. 8: The book 'The Return of The Mauriyas' by Subodh Kumar Singh, launched in the capital Saturday reveals the genealogical linkage of the 'Thar (Read More..)

The Rise of Ethnic Politics in Nepal: Democacy in the margins
Author: Susan I. Hangen > Politics

The relationship between ethnic politics and democracy presents a paradox for scholars and policy makers: ethnic politics frequently emerge in new democracies, and yet are often presumed to threaten t (Read More..)

The Royal Nepal Army: Meeting The Maoist Challenge
Author: Ashok K Mehta > Politics

"Very little is known about Nepal except for its beautiful mountains. Still less is known about its people, their poverty and underdevelopment and its fallout - the Maoist uprising. Even less has been (Read More..)

The State and society in Nepal: Historical Foundations and Contemporary Trends
Author: Prayag Raj Sharma > Politics

In the papers collected here the reader will find the collected wisdom of Nepal’s Finest historical anthropologist of anthropological historian of his generation. Most Nepali historians use the (Read More..)

The Status of Constitution Building in Nepal
Author: Bipin Adhikari > Politics

Nepal is likely to complete its nearly four-year long constitution drafting process by 27 May 2012. The Constituent Assembly will have to engage deeply in a variety of issues to meet this deadline est (Read More..)

The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century
Author: Samuel P. Huntington > Politics

"An exceptionally important-and brillent-book."
- Zbigniew Brzezinski

"Samuel P. Huntington has provided some of the best conceptual analysis of contemporary political science and this work is ye (Read More..)

Towards a Democratic Nepal: Inclusive Political Institutions for a Multicultural Society
Author: Mahendra Lawoti > Politics

The maoist insurgency in Nepal, which began in 1996, has lead to considerable political violence in which more then 10,000 people have already lost their lives. This insurgency began and grew dramati (Read More..)

Uncomfortable Wars Revisited
Author: John T. Fishel, Max G. Manwaring, Forword and Afterwords by Edwin G. Corr > Politics

Threatened since the end of the Cold War by failing states, insurgencies, civil wars, and terrorism, the United States has been compelled to re-evaluate its traditional responses to global conflict. I (Read More..)

Under the Shadow of the Red Flag: Travels During Nepal's Armed Conflict
Author: Jagannath Adhikari > Nepal

Under the Shadow of the Red Flag explores the impact of Nepal’s decade-long (1996-2006) armed conflict on village life and society in remote districts of the country. The accounts presented are base (Read More..)

Under the Shadow of Violence
Author: Kishore Nepal > Politics

Under the Shadow of Violence gives a graphic account of the daily difficulties and traumatic suffering of the Nepali people amidst the on-going violent conflict. It tells of a population 'sandwiched' (Read More..)

Understanding Reforms in Nepal: Political Economy and Institutional Perspective
Author: Dilli Raj Khanal, Pushpa Ra Rakkarnikar, > Politics

At a time when the world was entering into the twenty-first century, profound
changes were underway in the sphere of economic policy making at both global
and national levels. It was already establi (

Records 61 to   75 of   77
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BOOKS ON::Politics::
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