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Faces of Nepal
Author: Jan Saltar Harka Gurung > Anthropology

Nepal, which occupies the central section of the Himalayan range, is inhabited by an extraordinary variety of peoples. The mountains, hills and plains of the country comprise a contact zone for ethnic (Read More..)

Facing my Phantoms
Author: Sheeba Shah > Fiction

Facing My Phantoms is a fictional rendering of the most tumultuous period of Nepalese history from the 1930s till the present day. Through the eyes of Sanjeevani, the story describes an ongoing socio- (Read More..)

Food, Ritual and Society: A Study of Social Structure a
Author: Per Löwdin > Anthropology

The study explores the relationships between food, ritual and social organisation among the Newars of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. The unit of analysis is the significance of food:
i) in terms of sig (

Foreign Aid and politics in Nepal: A Case Study
Author: Eugene Bramer Mihaly > Politics

First published in 1965, this study of foreign aid has now become a recognised classic on the subject. When the author began his research, Nepal was receiving assistance from an extraordinarily large (Read More..)

Forget Kathmandu: An Elegy For Democracy
Author: Manjushree Thapa > Politics

In June 2001, King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah was killed in a massacre at Kathmandu’s Narayanhiti royal palace, allegedly by his own son, the crown prince, and the world took new notice of Nepal. (Read More..)

Author: M K limbu > Nepal

“A novel about life, love, death and rebellion in the eastern hills of Nepal.”

It is said that all human activities seem futile and insignificant against the backdrop of the mighty Hi (Read More..)

From Goddess To Mortal: The True Life Story of A Former Royal Kumari
Author: Scott Berry/Rashmila Shakya > Nepal

Scott Berry is a very well-known name to me. I came across his book A
Stranger in Tibet when I was working on the life and works of Ekai
Kawaguchi in Tokyo in 1997-1998. I was very impressed by his (Read More..)

Game Without End: State Terror and the Politics of Justice
Author: jaime Malamud-Goti, Forword by LIbbet Carandon-Malamud > Politics

This book is the first written by an insider about the tragic outcome of Argentina's human-rights trials. Jaime Malamud-Goti was one of two advisers asked by President Raul R. Alfonsin to organize the (Read More..)

Gods & Goddesses: An Illustrated account of Hindu, Buddhist, Tantric, Hybrid and Tibetan deities
Author: T C Majupuria, Rohit Kumar > Religion

Contents: (i) Some unique gods and goddesses (ii) Hindu deities (iii) Major;Hindu deities (iv) Buddhist deities (v) Hybrid and tantric dieties (vi) Tibetan deities.; (Read More..)

Gods,Men and Territory: Society and Culture in Kathmandu Valley
Author: Anne Vergati > Newars

The Newars who live in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal are well known for their urban civilisation as well as for the social organisation of their territory, which they have conserved for centuries. The (Read More..)

Halfway to the Mountain: The Jirels of Eastern Nepal
Author: H Sidky, Janardan Subedi, James Hamill, > Nepal

The Jirel people of Dolakha display a mixture of diverse cultural elements from Hinduism,Buddhism and Shamanistic traditions that they have adapted to unique ways. The authors emphasise the extraordin (Read More..)

Hidden Wealth:
The Survival Strategy of Foraging F

Author: Ephrosine Daniggelis > Development Studies

"Mountain people have long practiced sustainable resource management. They have had to, because their place-based cultures and lack of integration in mainstream economics have required it. So too, the (Read More..)

Author: H. Sigayret > French Language

Faut-il ecrire Tyangboche ou Tengbotche, Syangboche ou Shongbotche, Shangrilha ou Chang ri la? Quel est le nom sherpa de Namche Bazar? Quelle est l'origine du num Lukla? Quelle est-il le meme que celu (Read More..)

Himalayan 'People's War': Nepal's Maoist Rebellion
Author: Michael Hutt > Politics

The eruption of a violent Maoist insurgency in Nepal in the late 1990s was met with bewilderment even among many of those who claimed to know the country well. Any such development possesses its own h (Read More..)

Records 61 to   75 of   310
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