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Kings of the Forest: The Cultural Resilience of Himalayan Hunter-Gatherers
Author: Jana Fortier > Nepal

“Jana Fortier has made an important and original contribution to the ethnography of Nepal that focuses our attention on one of that country’s least known ethnic groups, the foraging peopl (Read More..)

LE KHUMBU ses montagnes, ses sherpas, ses treks
Author: H. Sigayret > French Language

Le Khumbu est une region de l'Himalaya du Nepal ou'se trouvent des montabnes qui sont parmi les plus prestigieuses de la terre. Elles se nomment Ama dablang, Cholatse, Cho Oyu, Kangteka, Lhotse, Nupts (Read More..)

Learning Language Through Laughter
Author: Mathew J Eynon > Language

About the Book:

Learning Language Through Laughter provides a unique and enjoyable approach to the study of Nepali language and is based upon two premises. The first is that language acquisition s (Read More..)

Limbu-English Dictionary of the Mewa Khola Dialect with
Author: Boyd Michailovsky > Dictionary

The dictionary covers the colloquial, spoken language. It is certainly
not complete, but it is comparable in scope to existing bilingual Limbu-
English dictionaries apart from the completed but stil (

Lord Vishnu: An Iconology
Author: Dr. Mala Malla > Hinduism

It is curious to note that almost all male and female deities ranging from Mahesvara, Narayana, Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, to Bhagavati in varied forms are depicted with defensive weapons. If Mahadeva hol (Read More..)

Madheshi Uprising: The Resurgence of Ethnicity
Author: Kalyan Bhakta Mathema > Politics

Review from MyRepublica

The Madheshi Community launched in 2007 the largest ever ethnic uprising in Nepal that shook the Nepali state (Read More..)

Author: MADAN KRISHNA SHRESTHA > Bestseller (Nepali)

Mayur Times (Nepali Version)
Author: Narayan Wagle > Nepal

Mayur Times by Narayan Wagle is the second book after Palpasa Cafe, the bestseller of all time in Nepali literature. The story revolves around the Political transitional phase of Nepal. Parag and Lisa (Read More..)

Author: KISHORE NEPAL > Bestseller (Nepali)

Mero Samaye By Kishore Nepal

Text: Nepali
Pulished Year: 2014 (

Monument Conservation in Nepal: My Experience with the World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley
Author: Dr. Shaphalya Amatya > Nepal

The author is an art and culture critic who worked in various positions of the Department of Archaelology and Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Nepalese Government. This book is a study of the wo (Read More..)

Mountain Reflections: Pattern and Development
Author: Harka Gurung > Nepal

Most papers included in this compilation are presentations made at various events during the International Year of Mountain 2002. Of these, seven are keynote address and one commissioned paper (Chapte (Read More..)

Music and Media in Local Life: Music practice in a Newar neighbourhood in Nepal
Author: Ingemar Grandin > Music

About the Book:

This books presents the musical life of the Newar town of Kirtipur, Nepal.
Newar musical traditions are prominent in the local musical life, and this heritage is presented in some (Read More..)

Musical Instruments of Nepal
Author: Ram Prasad Kadel > Anthropology

Musical Instrument of Nepal, a book by Ram Prasad Kadel, has explored the surviving inborn musical instruments. He not only has explored the musical instruments but he has also illustrated 362 differe (Read More..)

Mustang: Paradise Found
Author: Dinesh Shrestha, Mark Whittaker > Pictorical

Picture book by Dinesh Shrestha and Mark Whittaker. (

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BOOKS ON::nepal::
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