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Democratizing Monarch: A Memoir of Nepals King Birendra
Author: Francis G Hutchins > Nepal

On the evening of June 1, 2001, the King and Queen of Nepal, their daughter and younger son were murdered, evidently by their older son, whose own mysterious death ended the slaughter. The King†(Read More..)

Development Studies: Bibliotheca Himalayica, Series IV,
Author: Donald A. Messerschmidt > Development Studies

The purpose of BIBLIOTHECA HIMALAYICA is to make available works on the natural history and civilizations of Central Asia and the Himalaya. The selection of books includes new works by present-day sch (Read More..)

Dictionary of Nepalese Plant Names
Author: Keshab Shrestha > Dictionary

Nepal is a heterogeneous country of different ethnic groups with different cultures and languages. This Himalayan Kingdom is also very rich in natural wealth, varied flora and fauna dwelling in differ (Read More..)

District Development Profile of Nepal 2012: A Socio-Economic Development Database of Nepal
Author: Edt. Jaya Prasad Poudel > Nepal

This book provides Socio-economic data & information of Nepal (National & District) on following issues:

- National Introduction
- Geographic cum Climatic Condition
- Demographic Trend
- Climato (

Domestic Conflict and Crisis of Governability in Nepal
Author: Edt. Dhurba Kumar > Politics

The Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, ever since its inception in 1972, has been an international Centre for research and publications of exceedingly rich and variegated subjects of historical and c (Read More..)

Dynamics of Foreign Policy and Law: A Study of Indo-Nepal Relations
Author: Surya P. Subedi > Politics

This book, by one of Nepal's leading experts on international law, analyses the current state of treaty relations between India and Nepal in the light of contemporary principles of international law. (Read More..)

Education in Nepal: Problems, Reforms and Social Change
Author: Editor Pramod Bhatta > Education

This edited volume on Nepal’s education includes scholarly works in the field that have been published in various journals and books inside and outside of Nepal since 1996. The articles in Part (Read More..)

Ekai Kawaguchi: The Trespassing Insider
Author: Abhi Subedi > Travelogue

One hundred years have passed since Ekai Kawaguchi left his country to explore a world that he did not know much about. From the study of materials, interviews with people and observation of his colle (Read More..)

Election and Governance in Nepal
Author: Edt. Lok Raj Baral > Politics

Election and Governance is the first innovative work on Nepal based on both theoretical and empirical studies. The main variables have been tested empirically at the local level bye using survey metho (Read More..)

English-Nepali Classified Dictionary (With Transliteration)
Author: K B Maharjan, Bal Ram Adhikari > Dictionary

English-Nepali Classified Subject Dictionary incorporates the core vocabulary from various technical as well as general/non-technical fields, The entry words are provided in English and their equivale (Read More..)

Enjoy Nepalese Cusine: Traditional Food & Drinds With Some Global Insights
Author: Indra Majupuria > Cook Book

This book gives 371 easy-to-make kitchen-tested recipes. It provides a lot of information on cookery which, if properly followed gives an enormous amount of pleasure to see family and friends enjoy Ne (Read More..)

Ensnared by AIDS: Cultural Contexts of HIV/AIDS in Nep
Author: David K. Beine > Others

This book is written primarily for scholars of Nepal, other scholars such as anthropologists (especially medical anthropologists), social epidemiologists and public health professionals (especially he (Read More..)

Ethnic Revival and Religious Turmoil: Identities and Representations in the Himalayas
Author: Edt. Marie Lecomte-Tilouine, Pascale Dol > Nepal

The multi-ethnic and multi-caste communities of the Himalayan region are today witnessing the revival of ethnic and religious consciousness leading to widespread social and political upheaval. This co (Read More..)

Eye of the Storm: Vairotsana's Original Transmissions
Author: Translation and Commentary by Keith Dowman > Buddhism

(Foreword by Bhakha Tulku Pema Rigdzin)
'The five texts translated from Tibetan into English in this book are
considered the first transmission of Dzogchen Ati to Tibet (Snga 'gyur
lnga). They cons (

Records 46 to   60 of   310
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