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View From The Summit
Author: Sir Edmund Hillary > Mountaineering

He Worked in a half light, huge and cheerful, his movement not so much graceful as unshakably assured, his energy almost demonic. He had a tremendous, bursting, elemental infectious, glorious vitality (Read More..)

The Great Himalayan Trail: A Pictorial Guide
Author: Robin Boustead > Mountaineering

This stunning book will show you places you never dreamed still existed. Nepal is the most mountainous country on earth and hides many secrets in a maze of remote valleys where small communities have (Read More..)

Music and Media in Local Life: Music practice in a Newar neighbourhood in Nepal
Author: Ingemar Grandin > Music

About the Book:

This books presents the musical life of the Newar town of Kirtipur, Nepal.
Newar musical traditions are prominent in the local musical life, and this heritage is presented in some (Read More..)

Pokhara: Biography of a Town
Author: Jagannath Adhikari > Nepal

This book describes in detail the history of urbanization of Pokhara town, which is the fastest growing and one of the best-known towns in Nepal. The extraordinary history of growth and change over th (Read More..)

Barbara's Nepal
Author: Barbara Adams > Nepal

Barbara Adams arrived in Nepal in 1961. She has somehow been both a total participator in, and a detached observer of, the Nepali cultural, political and developmental scene. Those who missed her earl (Read More..)

Policies, Plans & People: Foreign Aid and Health Development
Author: Judith Justice > Nepal

Book review:

"This book identifies one reason- the failure to consider sociocultural information in planning health care - for the enormous and chronic gap between policy- making and programme impl (Read More..)

Pioneer Nepali Students In Japan: A Century Ago
Author: Harendra B. Barua > Nepal

In the early years of the 20th century when every country, including Japan, was looking to the west for advanced studies and training in modern technology, Nepal looked to the east, Japan, for its lea (Read More..)

Origins and Migrations: Kinship, Mythology and Ethnic Identity among the Mewahang Rai of East Nepal
Author: Martin Gaenszle > Nepal

This is the first published anthropological monograph on a Kiranti mythology in its social and historical context. Based on in-depth fieldwork in the Arun Valley (in the Makalu-Barun area) the study e (Read More..)

Thatched Huts & Stucco Palaces: Peasants and Landlords in 19th Century Nepal
Author: Mahesh C Regmi > Nepal

This is the first volume of a projected two-volume study on Nepal’s economic history during the nineteenth century.

The study is based on an approach to history that recognizes it as “ (Read More..)

Kings of the Forest: The Cultural Resilience of Himalayan Hunter-Gatherers
Author: Jana Fortier > Nepal

“Jana Fortier has made an important and original contribution to the ethnography of Nepal that focuses our attention on one of that country’s least known ethnic groups, the foraging peopl (Read More..)

Tantrism in Nepal
Author: Vidya Bahadur Bajracharya > Nepal

This work is outcome of fourteen years research and innovative practice or experiment of more than twenty years. It confirms the existence of evil spirits andmany kinds of black spirits and their trou (Read More..)

Nepalese Administration: A Historical Perspective
Author: Tulsi Narayan Shrestha > Nepal

Here is a book, which describes briefly but analytically the fascinating story of the evolution of Nepal's administrative system from the very dawn of recorded history to the last days of Rana regime. (Read More..)

Records 46 to   60 of   189
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BOOKS ON::Nepal::
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