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Nepal: Crisis Unlimited
Author: Barbara Adams > Politics

Barbara Adams has lived in Nepal for 45 years. She is a staunch nationalist, and as a result, a server and passionate critic. This book contains her observations of the failings of what come to be cal (Read More..)

Nepal: Democracy in Transition
Author: Navin Mishra > Politics

Nepal began the transition from the 14 century absolute monarchy to a 20 century multiparty democracy and constitutional monarchy in 1990. During the brief parliamentary period that followed as many a (Read More..)

Nepal: Historical Study of a Hindu Kingdom - Volume I & II
Author: Sylvain Levi > Nepal

Historical Study of a Hindu Kingdom

Volume I & II

Sylvain Levi

Translated by
Mary Harris

Foreword by
Dr. Pratapaditya Pal

Edited and Annotated by
Deepak Shimkhada, Ph.D.

(

Nepal: Strategy for Survival
Author: Leo E. Rose (Forward by John Whelpton) > Nepal

The most formidable problem of Nepalese foreign policy has long been how to preserve national independence in the face of threats from abroad. Hence the interest of this book, which traces Nepalese fo (Read More..)

Nepali Congress
Author: Rajesh Gautam > Politics

This book gives a detailed account of the political movement started by Nepal Praja Parished to establish Monarchy-cum- Republic in Nepal by abolishing the brutal Rana Regime which gave untold sufferi (Read More..)

Open Secrets: India's Intelligence Unveiled
Author: Maloy Krishna Dhar > Politics

'Open Secrets-India's Intelligence Unveiled'- is the story of an intelligence operator, who devoted nearly 30 years in the country's prime intelligence agency, through memorable events, which often sh (Read More..)

Paradise Lost?: State Failure in Nepal
Author: Ali Riaz, Subho basu > Politics

"An Outstanding achievement in explaning current political developments in Nepal while placing them insightfully and concisely within a historical context. A timely book that will be an invaluable res (Read More..)

Pararastra Ka Patra
Author: Madan Kumar Bhattarai (Nepali) > Nepal

Prarastra ka Patra (in Nepali langauge)
- By Dr Madan Kumar Bhattarai (

Party Building in Nepal: Organization, Leadership and People
Author: Krishna Hachhethu > Politics

Nepali political parties have recently stepped into a new phase of party building. With the restoration of democracy in 1990, political parties, the Nepali Congress (NC) and the Communist Party of Nep (Read More..)

People, Politics & Ideology: Democracy and Social Change in Nepal
Author: Martin Hoftun, William Raeper, John Whel > Politics

This volume presents an account of political developments in Nepal since the ending of the Rana autocracy and the beginning of experiments with democracy. The book also analyzes the differing concepti (Read More..)

Political Order in Changing Societies
Author: Samuel P. Huntington, With a new Foreword by Francis Fukuyama > Politics

This now-classic examination of the development of viable political institutions in emerging nations is a major and enduring contribution to modern political analysis. In a new Foreword, Francis Fukuy (Read More..)

Politics of People's War and Human Rights in Nepal
Author: Bishnu Pathak > Politics

Politics of People's War and Human Rights attempts to narrate and analyze Maoists' decade-long war, its politics, and consequences, particularly for human rights.
Dr Pathak wants to handle the 'Peop (

PRACHANDA: The Unknown Revolutionary
Author: Anirban Roy > Politics

The Maoist chief "Prachanda" led an underground life for more than 25 years, and piecing together the stories about him and authenticating them were the most difficult part. Unfortunately, the facts s (Read More..)

Prayogshala: Nepali Sagkraman ma Delhi, Durbar ra Maobadi
Author: Sudheer Sharma > Bestseller (Nepali)

Text: In Nepali Lanaguge

Prayogshala (Laboratory) is a book about the politics of Nepal. It was written by Sudheer Sharma. The book revolves around the Maoist insurgency, deposed monarchy and the r (Read More..)

Resistance and the State: Nepalese Experiences
Author: David N Gellner > Nepal

…an excellent contribution to our understanding of Nepal's current situation and worth the attention of anyone seriously interested in the subject.'
- JOHN WHELPTON in European Bulletin of Hima (

Records 31 to   45 of   77
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BOOKS ON::Politics::
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