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Seasons of the Divine
Author: Arun Gupto > Nepal

The book is a textual and visual representation of Kathmandu Valley, weaving discourses on festivals, narratives and performances during August, September and October, which are intense months of fes (Read More..)

Shakti, Shrasta ra Subaltern (In Nepali)
Author: Dr. Tara Lal Shrestha > Nepal

'Shakti, Shrasta ra Subaltern' is the pioneering book on subaltern
studies in Nepalese contexts. It has evolved a new critical discourse in Nepali
academia. It came in second revised edition within (

Simple Convictions: My Struggle for Peace and Democracy
Author: Girija Prasad Koirala, Kanak Mani Dixit > Politics

“Girija Prasad Koirala

The introduction to Simple Convictions is written by Kanak Mani Dixit, an editor and reporter who was active in the fight against ‘royal regression’ and ma (Read More..)

Singing for freedom
Author: Ani Choying Drolma > Nepal

Ani Choying escaped her violent home for a monastery in Nepal. One day, an American jazz guitarist heard the young nun sing and was so enthralled by her voice that he recorded an album with her. The p (Read More..)

State and Society: Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Nepal
Author: Kristian Stokke & Mohan Das Manandhar > Politics

Social exclusion and inclusion have gained much attention and have been widely debated in recent years. The two concepts clearly illustrate the close but complex relations between state and society. P (Read More..)

Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS): Vol.17 No.1 June 2012
Author: Editors: Pratyoush Onta, Mark Liechty, Seira Tamang, Tatsuro Fujikura, Lokranjan Parajuli > SINHAS Journal

In this issue:

- Madhes and the Nepali State
- Reading Maoist Memoirs
- Corporate Friendly Nepali Dailies
- Rural Reporting
- Reading Historical Texts from South Asia
- Locating Place in Samra (

Studies IN Nepali History and Society (SINHAS): Vol.23 No.2 December 2018
Author: Editors Pratyoush Onta, Mark Liechty, Tatsuro Fujikura, Lokranjan Parajuli, Yogesh Raj, Katherine N Rankin, Seika Sato, Sanjog Rupaketi, Mallika Shakya, Seira Tamang > SINHAS Journal

ISSN: 1025-5109
Volume 23 Number 2
December 2018 (Pus 2075 v.s.)


Kristin A. Cain
Peacebuilding and Nonviolent Resistance in Nepal’s (

Take the Lead: Nepal's Future Has Begun
Author: Anil Chitrakar > Nepal

This book is dedicated to everyone who still believes in Nepal and the collective wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit of the Nepali people. Those who have given up hope need not read any further. Nepal (Read More..)

The Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: Revolution in the Twenty-First Century
Author: Edt Mahendra Lawoti and Anup K. Pahari > Politics

The book deals with the dynamics and growth of a violent 21st century communist rebellion initiated in Nepal by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) – CPN(M). It contextualizes and explains wh (Read More..)

The Status of Constitution Building in Nepal
Author: Bipin Adhikari > Politics

Nepal is likely to complete its nearly four-year long constitution drafting process by 27 May 2012. The Constituent Assembly will have to engage deeply in a variety of issues to meet this deadline est (Read More..)

The Throne of Stone: A Reconstructed Village Version of the Pre-Dawn of the Gorkha Dynasty: 1479-1559
Author: J P Cross > History

Who would be the next king appointed on the Throne of Stone?

For three generations struggles in parts of what is now Nepal and northern India mired the peace by land-grabbing, kidnap, murder, feuds (Read More..)

The Use and Misuse of Social Science Research in Nepal
Author: J. Gabriel Campbell, Ramesh Shrestha, Linda Stone > Nepal

Over 30 years ago the authors of this book produced a provocative critique of survey research methods that were widely used for development planning in Nepal. Their innovative study demonstrated that (Read More..)

There’s a Carnival Today
Indra Bahadur Rai

Author: Translated By Manjushree Thapa > Nepal

store is failing and he has been sued by Jayabilas—a Marwari trader, once his friend and business partner, to whom he owes money. Bhudev—Janak’s partner at the party which is working to organize (Read More..)

Towards a Democratic Nepal: Inclusive Political Institutions for a Multicultural Society
Author: Mahendra Lawoti > Politics

The maoist insurgency in Nepal, which began in 1996, has lead to considerable political violence in which more then 10,000 people have already lost their lives. This insurgency began and grew dramati (Read More..)

Tunsuriban: Shamanism in the Chepang of Southern and Central Nepal
Author: Diana Riboli, Translated by Philippa Currie > Shamanism

Diana Riboli, born in Italy, Ph. D. in Ethno-Anthropological Science, has been carrying out programme of research in Nepal for more than ten years.

During this time she has undertaken many field ex (Read More..)

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