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Take the Lead: Nepal's Future Has Begun
Author: Anil Chitrakar > Nepal

This book is dedicated to everyone who still believes in Nepal and the collective wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit of the Nepali people. Those who have given up hope need not read any further. Nepal (Read More..)

Tales of Kathmandu: Folktales from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal
Author: Karna Sakya, Linda Griffith > Recent Books

This book gives a comprehensive analysis of folklore in general, as well as a thematic and structural study of Nepalese folk tales. It draws comparisons between the genres of myths, legend and folklor (Read More..)

Tales of the Turquoise: A Pilgrimage in Dolpo
Author: Corneille Jest > Stories

Tales of the Turquoise is put together from day-to-day notes of events taken during a twenty day pilgrimage of many of the major temples,. shrines and sacred mountains of the Dolpo region of north-wes (Read More..)

Tantrism in Nepal
Author: Vidya Bahadur Bajracharya > Nepal

This work is outcome of fourteen years research and innovative practice or experiment of more than twenty years. It confirms the existence of evil spirits andmany kinds of black spirits and their trou (Read More..)

Tax Auditing System in Nepal: Comprehensive Analysis of Tax Auditing System in Nepal
Author: Chet Nath Dahal > Nepal

About the Book:
Along with economic liberalization and scrapping of licensing regime aimed at fostering the economic growth, Nepal government implemented a number of tax reform measures in the las (Read More..)

Thatched Huts & Stucco Palaces: Peasants and Landlords in 19th Century Nepal
Author: Mahesh C Regmi > Nepal

This is the first volume of a projected two-volume study on Nepal’s economic history during the nineteenth century.

The study is based on an approach to history that recognizes it as “ (Read More..)

The Ancestral Forest: Memory, Space and Ritual among the Kulunge Rai of Eastern Nepal
Author: > nepal

Memory, Space and Ritual among the Kulunge Rai of Eastern Nepal

Lost among the high hills of eastern Nepal, which has meant centuries of cultural isolation, the Kulunge Rai ethnic group have tenaci (Read More..)

The Ascent of Everest
Author: John Hunt > Mountaineering


Their achievement provided one answer to the many questions about high-altitude survival which had been asked from the beginning of the century. Their climb was the culmination (Read More..)

The Call of Nepal: Bibliotheca Himalayica, Series II, Volume 17

Author: J P Cross > Nepal

The purpose of BIBLIOTHECA HIMALAYICA is to make available works on the natural history and civilizations of Central Asia and the Himalaya. The selection of books includes new works by present-day sch (Read More..)

The Challenge to Democracy in Nepal
Author: T Louise Brown > Politics

The Challenge to Democracy in Nepal" covers the history of Nepal from the Medieval/Early Modern period up to the present day. Louise Brown gives particular emphasis to contemporary Nepal, providing an (Read More..)

The Culture & Aesthetics of DURGA in NEPALMANDALA: From Primitive Forest Icons to the Living Goddess, RajaKumari, of Kathmandu Valley
Author: Milan Ratna Shakya > Culture

Culture & Aesthetics of Durga in Nepal Mandala upholds the cultural-religious assessment attentively on aesthetic perspective of Hindu-Buddhist myths. Aesthetically this is transmitting the Sakta mili (Read More..)

The Ecstatic Body: Notes on Shamanism and Corporeity in Nepal
Author: Mattino Micoletti > Anthropology

"The Shaman who entertains the Gods by dancing and music, is the same man who entertains the audience through the more performative aspects of the seance. Here, it is ordinary people who exploit the s (Read More..)

The Great Himalayan Trail: A Pictorial Guide
Author: Robin Boustead > Mountaineering

This stunning book will show you places you never dreamed still existed. Nepal is the most mountainous country on earth and hides many secrets in a maze of remote valleys where small communities have (Read More..)

The Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: Revolution in the Twenty-First Century
Author: Edt Mahendra Lawoti and Anup K. Pahari > Politics

The book deals with the dynamics and growth of a violent 21st century communist rebellion initiated in Nepal by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) – CPN(M). It contextualizes and explains wh (Read More..)

Records 151 to   165 of   187
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BOOKS ON::Nepal::
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