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Art and Culture of Nepal: Selected Papers
Author: Mary Shepherd Slusser > Art and Culture

With contributions by
Gautama V. Vajracharya and Manuela Fuller

This volume brings together in one convenient format a selection of papers devoted to Nepalese culture published over several years (Read More..)

Auspicious Music in a Changing Society:
The Damai ..

Author: Carol Tingey > Anthropology

Nepal, a country as diverse demographically as it is topographically, is populated by over thirty culturally and linguistically distinct ethnic groups.
Damais occupy a unique place within this imm (

Avec Zimba le Sherpa - Randonnees au Nepal
Author: Rotert Reiffel > Nepal

A yant effectue au cours des vingt-six dernieres annees non moins de 32 randonnees ont 26 au Nepal et les autres au Sikkim, Bouthan, Ladkh et Zansker, l’auteur presente une synthese d’un (Read More..)

Bag Bhairab: Purnaki Natak
Author: Satya Mohan Joshi > Others

Witness Music, Myth & Newari Tradition in Bagh Bhairab

Some ethnic groups that have been exposed to urbanization have lost almost all contact with their traditions while there are others who still (Read More..)

Barbara's Nepal
Author: Barbara Adams > Nepal

Barbara Adams arrived in Nepal in 1961. She has somehow been both a total participator in, and a detached observer of, the Nepali cultural, political and developmental scene. Those who missed her earl (Read More..)

Bear and Fox
Author: Avalok Maharjan > Children

Bear and fox is a series of short stories about two friends written by a seven-year-old boy. The book also contains 4 pages of "color me activity" for kids to color bear and fox with their own imagina (Read More..)

Beyond the Myth of Eco-Crisis: Local Responses to Pressure on Land in Nepal - A study of Kakani in the Middle Hills
Author: Sumitra Manandhar Gurung > Nepal

The diverse system of farms in the hills of Nepal has been significantly affected by soil erosion. Foreign ecologists who have studied the problem have concluded that population growth and deforestati (Read More..)


Quick Overview
एसएलसीमा बोर्ड पाँचौ भएका विनí (

Birds of Nepal: With Reference to Kashmir and Sikkim
Author: Robert L Fleming (Sr.), Robert L Flemin > Nepal

BIRDS from a spectacular land in 152 color plates. BIRDS OF NEPAL describes, in field guide from, nearly tenth of the known birds in the world.

Over 1,000 individuals are shown, all in color, re (Read More..)

Blue Mimosa
Author: Parijat > Ficton

Best Selling Novel Shirish Ko Phool In English

Parijat Was the nom de plume of Bishnu Kumari Waiba (1937-1993), a novelist, poet, and short story writer. Born in Darjeeling, India where she compl (Read More..)

Bonpo Dzogchen Teachings According to Lopon Tenzin Namdak
Author: Transcribed and edited, together with Introduction and Notes, by John Myrdhin Reynolds. > Buddhism

Nowadays there are two principal philosophical traditions followed by Tibetan Lamas. The first is found among the Sarmapas, or Newer Schools, employing the Prasangika Madhyamaka view of Chandrakirti, (Read More..)

Buddha's Orphans
Author: Samrat Upadhyay > Ficton

Samrat Upadhyay was born and raised in Kathmandu and came to the United States at age twenty-one. His work has appeared in The Best American Short Stories and The Best of the Fiction Workshops. He liv (Read More..)

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