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Author: MADAN KRISHNA SHRESTHA > Bestseller (Nepali)

Author: PETER J KARTHAK > Bestseller (Nepali)

The book opens with the daily routine of a confident fixer satisfied with the state of hi floating faces, flowing finances and flying friends. (Read More..)

Sherpas Bouddhistes
Author: Henri Sigayret > Buddhism

Ce livre traite des Sherpas, minuscule ethnie de l’Himalaya. Il decrit l’etonnant passé de ces homes. Il raconte la vie qui a ete la leur pendant des siecles, celle qu’ils ont (Read More..)

A Buddhist Guide to the Power Places of the Kathmandu Valley
Author: Keith Dowman > Buddhism

Contents: Foreword. 1. Kimdol Vihara. 2. Swayambhu Stupa. 3. Santipur. 4. Manjusri Hill. 5. Vipaswi's Stupa. 6. Nagarjuna Hill. 7. Kasyapa's Stupa. 8. Bidjeswori Bajra Jogini. 9. Karnadip Smasana. 10. (Read More..)

In Hope and in Fear: Living through the people's war in Nepal
Author: Edt Prabin Manandhar and David Seddon > Conflict

In Hope and in Fear provides a unique insight into how ordinary Nepalis experienced and lived through the Maoist insurgency. Their hopes and their fears, and the way in which they responded to and cop (Read More..)

Cooking in Nepal: A Selection of International & Nepali Recipes
Author: > Cook Book

University Press; Katmandu. Good+ N.D.. Softcover. Light stain at top corner and across top page edges with some warping on the rear cover. Several turned corners. ; Light yellow and white medium size (Read More..)

Dancing in the Clouds: The Mani rimdu, Dumche and Tsogchen Festivals of the Khumbu Sherpas
Author: Venerable Jamyang Wangmo > Culture

The present book Dancing in the Clouds contains accurate information about the history, organization, and rituals of the Mani Rimdu, Dumche, and Kyarog Tsogchen festivals, as well as a short history o (Read More..)

The Culture & Aesthetics of DURGA in NEPALMANDALA: From Primitive Forest Icons to the Living Goddess, RajaKumari, of Kathmandu Valley
Author: Milan Ratna Shakya > Culture

Culture & Aesthetics of Durga in Nepal Mandala upholds the cultural-religious assessment attentively on aesthetic perspective of Hindu-Buddhist myths. Aesthetically this is transmitting the Sakta mili (Read More..)

Hidden Wealth:
The Survival Strategy of Foraging F

Author: Ephrosine Daniggelis > Development Studies

"Mountain people have long practiced sustainable resource management. They have had to, because their place-based cultures and lack of integration in mainstream economics have required it. So too, the (Read More..)

Limbu-English Dictionary of the Mewa Khola Dialect with
Author: Boyd Michailovsky > Dictionary

The dictionary covers the colloquial, spoken language. It is certainly
not complete, but it is comparable in scope to existing bilingual Limbu-
English dictionaries apart from the completed but stil (

A Dictionary of Classical Newari: Compiled from Manuscript Sources
Author: Editor Kamal P Malla > Dictionary

"Newari, a Tibeto-Burman language, is the mother tongue of the Newars, the earliest settlers of the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. The Newars have long occupied a culturally important place among the Hima (Read More..)

English-Nepali Classified Dictionary (With Transliteration)
Author: K B Maharjan, Bal Ram Adhikari > Dictionary

English-Nepali Classified Subject Dictionary incorporates the core vocabulary from various technical as well as general/non-technical fields, The entry words are provided in English and their equivale (Read More..)

New Horizons in Education in Nepal
Author: Tirth Raj Khaniya > Education

About the Author:

Dr. Khaniya was Born in Lamjung, Duradanda. He is from Chitwan. Dr. Tirth Raj Khaniya got his Master of English Educaton from University of Edinburgh. He did his Post Doctoral Res (Read More..)

Education in Nepal: Problems, Reforms and Social Change
Author: Editor Pramod Bhatta > Education

This edited volume on Nepal’s education includes scholarly works in the field that have been published in various journals and books inside and outside of Nepal since 1996. The articles in Part (Read More..)

Facing my Phantoms
Author: Sheeba Shah > Fiction

Facing My Phantoms is a fictional rendering of the most tumultuous period of Nepalese history from the 1930s till the present day. Through the eyes of Sanjeevani, the story describes an ongoing socio- (Read More..)

Records 16 to   30 of   189
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BOOKS ON::Nepal::
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