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Bag Bhairab: Purnaki Natak
Author: Satya Mohan Joshi > Others

Witness Music, Myth & Newari Tradition in Bagh Bhairab

Some ethnic groups that have been exposed to urbanization have lost almost all contact with their traditions while there are others who still (Read More..)

Ensnared by AIDS: Cultural Contexts of HIV/AIDS in Nep
Author: David K. Beine > Others

This book is written primarily for scholars of Nepal, other scholars such as anthropologists (especially medical anthropologists), social epidemiologists and public health professionals (especially he (Read More..)

Author: M K limbu > Nepal

“A novel about life, love, death and rebellion in the eastern hills of Nepal.”

It is said that all human activities seem futile and insignificant against the backdrop of the mighty Hi (Read More..)

Author: H. Sigayret > French Language

Faut-il ecrire Tyangboche ou Tengbotche, Syangboche ou Shongbotche, Shangrilha ou Chang ri la? Quel est le nom sherpa de Namche Bazar? Quelle est l'origine du num Lukla? Quelle est-il le meme que celu (Read More..)

Introduction to the Studies of Tibetan Medical Sources
Author: Dr. Natalia D. Bolsokhoyeva > Others

About the author:
Dr. Natalia D. Bolsokhoyeva, born in Ulan-Ude (Buryatiya, Russia), graduated from Leningrad (now St.-Petersburg) University, specialising in Tibetan medieval literature. She works (Read More..)

Is Foreign Aid Working?: An analysis of aid effectiveness and growth
Author: Bishwambher Pyakuryal, Dadhi Adhikari, Dipendra Purush Dhakal > Nepal

About the authors:

Bishwambher Pyakuryal, a senior economist of international repute, Dr. Pyakuryal is a professor of economics at Tribhuvan University and free-lance international consultant.

D (

Issue of the world of work in Nepal
Author: > Others

This is a collection of and about the actors of World of Work in Nepal, about the struggles for the dignity of working class peoples.

The publication tells the readers stories and issues of confro (Read More..)

Japanese Book
Author: Michiko Ono > Others

LE KHUMBU ses montagnes, ses sherpas, ses treks
Author: H. Sigayret > French Language

Le Khumbu est une region de l'Himalaya du Nepal ou'se trouvent des montabnes qui sont parmi les plus prestigieuses de la terre. Elles se nomment Ama dablang, Cholatse, Cho Oyu, Kangteka, Lhotse, Nupts (Read More..)

Madheshi Uprising: The Resurgence of Ethnicity
Author: Kalyan Bhakta Mathema > Politics

Review from MyRepublica

The Madheshi Community launched in 2007 the largest ever ethnic uprising in Nepal that shook the Nepali state (Read More..)

Nepal Studies in the UK: Conversations with Practitioners
Author: Pratyoush Onta > Others

This book of interviews with nineteen scholars shows how research on Nepal is produced in the United Kingdom (UK), which has been the centre of much social science writing on the country. In addition (Read More..)

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BOOKS ON::others::
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