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Can a Woman Rebel?
Author: Sangita Rayamajhi > Gender Studies

Dangerous Wives and Sacred Sisters: Social and symbolic Roles of High-Caste Women in Nepal
Author: Lynn Bennett > Gender Studies

This comprehensive study explores the ways in which the social and symbolic roles of high-caste (Brahman-Chetri) Nepali women combine to define their position in patrilineal Hindu society. A multileve (Read More..)

Daughters of the Tharu: Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, and the Education of Nepali Girls
Author: Mary Ann Maslak > Gender Studies

This book explores the complex relationships that govern girls' educational participation in Nepal. The first part is a case study focusing exclusively on one village's experiences in Nepal and is con (Read More..)

Author: VIVIENNE KONDOS > Anthropology

About the Book
The central theme of the book revolves around Kali, time and metaphysics. This theme is pursued in two ways. The first is with four short pieces which focus on aesthetic issues at the (Read More..)

On The Edge of The Auspicious: Gender and Caste in Nepal
Author: Mary M. Cameron > Gender Studies

Winner of the NWSA - Illinois Manuscript Award

People of lower caste live throughout the villages of Nepal but have been noticeably absent from ethnographic accounts of the Himalayan region. Starti (Read More..)

On The Ethos of Hindu Women: Issues, Taboos and Forms of Expression
Author: Vivienne Kondos > Gender Studies

The book is a bold exploration of certain controversial issues that relate to the everyday life of Hindu women. As Michael Allen says, it is "a collection of quite brilliant essays that I feel certain (Read More..)

Resistance and the State: Nepalese Experiences
Author: David N Gellner > Nepal

…an excellent contribution to our understanding of Nepal's current situation and worth the attention of anyone seriously interested in the subject.'
- JOHN WHELPTON in European Bulletin of Hima (

Sex Trafficking in South Asia: Telling Maya's Story
Author: Mary Crawford > Gender Studies

This book is a critical feminist analysis of sex trafficking. Arguing that trafficking in girls and women is a product of the social construction of gender and other dimensions of power and status wit (Read More..)

Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS): Vol. 13 No. 2 December 2008
Author: Edt Pratyoush Onta, Mark Liechty, Seira Tamang, Tatsuro Fujikura > SINHAS Journal

Structures of Denial: Student Representation in Nepal’s Higher Education 235
Pramod Bhatta, Lila Adhikari, Manu Thada, and Ramesh Rai
‘We Women have to Get Married off (

Who is the Daughter of Nepal: A collection of Essays
Author: Sangita Rayamajhi > Gender Studies

Aziz?s quest to understand two women from the Arun Valley and Manakamana who
undertook important political and civil rights work. Yogamaya employed religious ideals
in a non-violent challenge to Nep (

Women in Nepali Politics
Author: Binda Pandey > Nepal

This book is blend of activism and academic rigor in writing. it gives feminist and gender look of the communist politics. (Read More..)

Records 1 to   11 of   11
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BOOKS ON::Gender Studies::
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