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Conflict - Nepal


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A People War: Images of the Nepal Conflict 1996-2006
Author: Kunda Dixit > Pictorical

Nepal’s conflict ruined the country, tore apart our social fabric, brutalised us and hardened our dealings with each other. One can engage in a discussion on the philosophy of violence, but we (Read More..)

Citizens, Society & State: Crafting An Inclusive Future For Nepal
Author: Edited by Deepak Tamang & Mahesh Raj Maharjan > Nepal


1. Introduction: Citizens, Society, and State: Crafting an Inclusive Future for Nepal
- Deepak D. Tamang

2. Kghyemba System among Loba People of LoManthang: On the Verge of Social Ex (Read More..)

Conflict in Nepal: A Simplified Account
Author: Lindsay Friedman > Politics

This is a clear and concise account of the conflict in Nepal. It is written in a simple style and avoids technical jargon, so that the ordinary reader can get a sense of the realities of Nepal's compl (Read More..)

Domestic Conflict and Crisis of Governability in Nepal
Author: Edt. Dhurba Kumar > Politics

The Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, ever since its inception in 1972, has been an international Centre for research and publications of exceedingly rich and variegated subjects of historical and c (Read More..)

Election and Governance in Nepal
Author: Edt. Lok Raj Baral > Politics

Election and Governance is the first innovative work on Nepal based on both theoretical and empirical studies. The main variables have been tested empirically at the local level bye using survey metho (Read More..)

Ethnic Revival and Religious Turmoil: Identities and Representations in the Himalayas
Author: Edt. Marie Lecomte-Tilouine, Pascale Dol > Nepal

The multi-ethnic and multi-caste communities of the Himalayan region are today witnessing the revival of ethnic and religious consciousness leading to widespread social and political upheaval. This co (Read More..)

Game Without End: State Terror and the Politics of Justice
Author: jaime Malamud-Goti, Forword by LIbbet Carandon-Malamud > Politics

This book is the first written by an insider about the tragic outcome of Argentina's human-rights trials. Jaime Malamud-Goti was one of two advisers asked by President Raul R. Alfonsin to organize the (Read More..)

Himalayan 'People's War': Nepal's Maoist Rebellion
Author: Michael Hutt > Politics

The eruption of a violent Maoist insurgency in Nepal in the late 1990s was met with bewilderment even among many of those who claimed to know the country well. Any such development possesses its own h (Read More..)

Identity & Society: Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Nepal
Author: > Nepal

Identity and Society: a new book on social inclusion and exclusion in Nepal. It contains articles by eminent scholars The article of Yam Bahadur Kisan explores on Dalits’ inclusion in Nepali s (Read More..)

In Hope and in Fear: Living through the people's war in Nepal
Author: Edt Prabin Manandhar and David Seddon > Conflict

In Hope and in Fear provides a unique insight into how ordinary Nepalis experienced and lived through the Maoist insurgency. Their hopes and their fears, and the way in which they responded to and cop (Read More..)

Insurgency, Terrorism & Crime: Shadows From the Past and Portents for the Future
Author: Max G. Manwaring, Forword and afterwords by Edwin G. Corr > Politics

In this book, national security expert Max G. Manwaring examines the ascendance of nonstate actors in a geopolitical world. He shows how such actors have emerged parallel to the state-centric internat (Read More..)

Madheshi Uprising: The Resurgence of Ethnicity
Author: Kalyan Bhakta Mathema > Politics

Review from MyRepublica

The Madheshi Community launched in 2007 the largest ever ethnic uprising in Nepal that shook the Nepali state (Read More..)

Nation Building and Ethnicity in Nepal: Theory and Practice
Author: Ananta Raj Poudyal > Nepal

Nation building is the multidimensional process relating the activities from the cradle to the grave. The idea of nation building is considered inconceivable without the idea of popular sovereignty... (Read More..)

Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Nepal: Identities and Mobilization after 1990
Author: Edited by Mahendra Lawoti and Susan Hangen > Nepal


Identity movements, based on ethnicity, caste, language, religion and regional identity, have become increasingly significant in Nepal, reshaping debates on the definition o (Read More..)

Nepal in Transition: From People's war to fragile peace
Author: Sebastian von Einsiedel, David Malone, Suman Pradhan, Deepak Thapa, Rhoderick Chalmers, Devendra Raj Panday, Mahendra Lawoti, Teresa Whitfield, Frederick Rawski, Mandira Sharma, Ian Martin, Catinca Sl > Nepal

Since emerging in 2006 from a ten-year Maoist insurgency, the 'People's War', Nepal has struggled with the difficult transition from war to peace, from autocracy to democracy, and from an exclusionary (Read More..)

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BOOKS ON::Conflict::
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